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» Z80 Online
Here you will find documents relating to Zilog's Z80 processor. Files that may be found here include opcode lists and timings as well as tutorials that are specific to a certain Z80 calculator.

» MC68000 Online
Listed here are files related to Motorola's MC68000 processor. Opcode lists and timings are all here as well as the official documentation from Motorola, in PDF format. There are also some tutorials and information, specific to certain 68K calculators.

» Hardware Online
This collection spans all calculators. It contains information on the internal TI hardware, ranging from ROM addresses to ports to link protocols and more. Other potentially useful items include descriptions of TI's file formats.

» Miscellaneous
Files listed here didn't exactly fit into one of the other categories. Many software related files may be found here, as well as many more tutorials. Also, this directory contains the official Calc-TI and Graph-TI FAQ.

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