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Graphics Program Ideas

Post your ideas for new graphics programs here, or build on ideas posted by other visitors.

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Re: Graphics Program Ideas
Andycogen Account Info

Are there any Font Editors for the TI83+?

     25 December 2003, 21:52 GMT

Re: Re: Graphics Program Ideas
Andree Chea  Account Info

Although not an editor, Omnicalc offers external font support to edit the 'big font'. To make your own font set, you have to download a font creator onto the computer, then send the program to your calc. visit the Omnicalc homepage in the detached solutions website

     8 January 2004, 15:21 GMT

shkaboinka  Account Info
(Web Page)

Dude, you really have to see this...

This guy, Kevan, has this really tight application thing; the demo is this really complex 3D brain thingy using some sorta cgi technology...you'd have to see it to get it...but the graphics and mechanisms used are AMAZING!!

see for yourself; here is a link:

http:// kevan.org/ brain.cgi?CrazyProgrammer

(you will have to paste it together; ticalc does not allow "words" of more than 40 characters, so I had put spaces after the slashes so make it all fit (paste it in the URL bar WITHOUT the spaces inbetween))

     23 September 2004, 18:01 GMT

Chivo  Account Info

Don't go to that site. It'll suck your brains out!

     15 December 2004, 20:48 GMT

j-z-d Account Info

Ive got a similar, but better site


go there, it's awesome!!

     19 July 2007, 00:43 GMT

madhouse1 Account Info

this is just wierd... don't go to the site... waste of your time

     17 January 2008, 00:11 GMT

Re: Re: Graphics Program Ideas
Jack Raiper Account Info

Dude, you have to create your own font using pixels

     9 March 2004, 16:18 GMT

shkaboinka  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yes; it is calles "ocfe" for "Omnicalc Font Editor". I'm not sure where you find it, but it should not be too hard...I can send it to you if you want; I have everything!

     25 March 2004, 23:12 GMT

Damien1247 Account Info

If some one could find this i'd really appreciate it. I am trying to make a program that will type in |33t instead of normal. I was almost halfway through w/o the editor but my ram got erased (oops). So any help in this would be appreciated. eamil it to me at Damien1247@comcast.net

     22 June 2004, 18:12 GMT

Damien1247 Account Info

NVM i did end up finding it it is right here on the ticalc site just look thru windows files

     24 June 2004, 22:29 GMT

Re: Re: Graphics Program Ideas
hungryazhn  Account Info

I need a font editor for a TI 84+SE, and I have 350 kb. of memory. Where can I get one?

     5 January 2007, 22:52 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Graphics Program Ideas
hungryazhn  Account Info

Also, I am almost done with a game. How do I get it published/copywrited?

     6 January 2007, 18:02 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Graphics Program Ideas
hungryazhn  Account Info

i friggn need an assembly program maker thing.

     26 April 2007, 00:02 GMT

on a related topic....
j-z-d Account Info

wouldn't it be cool if someone made a font of the Greek alphabet, like all the characters, and not just the ones from TI-OS. there is one on ticalc, but a lot of the letters are not Greek.

     19 July 2007, 00:26 GMT

Helpful Program
davz  Account Info

Does anyone know of a program that can convert bitmaps to a TI-83 Plus BASIC program? That would be really helpful for making graphics for BASIC programs.

     4 January 2004, 18:56 GMT

Re: Helpful Program
mike White Account Info

if you have a link a program should have come with that

     16 January 2004, 15:44 GMT

Re: Re: Helpful Program
Darnell Richardson  Account Info

i'm not an offical game maker but I have an idea that will go off the charts

     28 October 2004, 15:24 GMT

Re: Re: Helpful Program
mn6_9  Account Info

TI connect have one. Its called Screen capture
If u open a bitmap with that u can save it to a TI pic format. Let me warn u that most pictures won't come out real good if they have many pixels

     15 January 2005, 11:23 GMT

Re: Screen Capture comment
j-z-d Account Info

There is an assembly prog (non-Mirage) for graphics called Screen Shot Maker v0.9 that will convert the graph screen into an assembly prog. useful for programs that use a lot of pics

     19 July 2007, 00:39 GMT

Re: Re: Screen Capture comment
RomeoKinelli Account Info
(Web Page)

You can also draw anything you want on the graph with the pen feature in the draw menu, and add text or anything else, then go to the draw menu and go all the way right, then down to storepic then the pic # you want to save it as. Best to save it as pic 9 so other programs don't interfere with it, then upload the pic to the computer. You probably don't want the graph axes to show up in your pic, so go to Catalog and go down to axesoff to turn off the axes. When done, just go to axeson to turn them on again.

     12 January 2009, 21:08 GMT

Re: Helpful Program
paranoid4012 Account Info

i believe that education.ti.com offers something of the sort. the issue is that the website, like those of other huge companies, is woefully tangled, so finding one program could be a problem.

if you can't find it at ti calc tell me about it and i'll post it on my website with a url so you can get it.

please be patient with me as i might not be on a lot; my hd (western digital, naturally) took a crap, so i'm waiting for my new one to come. i'm currently using the communal family computer so i might not have so much time to be on.


     6 April 2004, 23:20 GMT

Re: Helpful Program
paranoid4012 Account Info
(Web Page)

never mind; i got bored and decided to find the file for you on their site. it's up there in the freaky url thing.

i think that by just typing in its name in the command prompt it will tell you how it's used, but i believe that it works by specifying a bitmap to convert and then a picture number. something like that.

once again,

     6 April 2004, 23:26 GMT

Re: Helpful Program
paranoid4012 Account Info

sorry, one final note: this doesn't make a ti program; it makes a native ti picture format. you can, however, call the picture from the programs with:

recallpic [pic num]

for the (hopefully) final time,

     6 April 2004, 23:29 GMT

Re: Re: Helpful Program
stephen face Account Info
(Web Page)

bob evil has no brain

     3 October 2005, 22:22 GMT

Re: Helpful Program
jvdthwip Account Info

I've written a program that lets you draw pics using lines, pixels, text, etc., kind of like existing programs, but it stores the code of each object drawn in strings and then compiles them into a program or subroutine. Simply using 2nd + Sto (Rcl) you can paste it into your prog.

I've also written a Window Wizard using the same technique to create windows in basic and a Pic to Asm prgm converter so you can save an infinite No. of Pics on your calc.

Although I have not uploaded any of these yet, I'll try soon.

     26 April 2004, 00:54 GMT

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