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From time to time, visitors to this site send us opinion articles addressing a current issue in the TI community. This is a list of articles we've posted in the past, which you can read with their corresponding discussions.

If you'd like to write an article yourself, please contact us. We welcome all submissions.

Title Description Author Date
Is it Time to Replace TI-BASIC? Problems with TI-BASIC and why a new language is needed. George Limpert 21 February 2005
The Future of Calculating An analysis of where we are and where we can go from here. Michael McElroy 1 May 2003
The State of the TI Community Views on how it's changed in recent months. Justin Karneges 14 April 1999
Are They Necessary? The author discusses the privilege of a graphing calculator. Shane Burgess 4 March 1999
BASIC Doesn't Have to Be That Basic Comments on possibilities of extending the features and functionality of BASIC programming using special assembly functions and programs. Patrick Wilson 24 January 1999
The Possibilities of Calculator Shareware Comments on the possibilities and problems of calculator shareware. Benjamin Kong 31 December 1999
Respect in the TI Community Comments on the respect programmers have for each other. Michael Bryan Cook 11 December 1998
Put the Calculator Away! Comments on how students should abstain from playing calculator games or else teachers will prohibit them. Jimi 19 November 1998
BASIC Library Functions Comments on developing TI-BASIC libraries for the TI-89/92/92+ graphing calculators. Dennis Lambre Jr. 19 November 1998
The TI Programming Alliance How a programming alliance should be formed to produce better programs. Patrick Wilson 23 September 1998
Creating the Ultimate GUI The features an ultimate GUI for the TI-86 should have. Philip Gossling 8 September 1998
Z80 Emulation on 68K Calculators How programmers should make a Z80 emulator on the TI-89 and TI-92 Plus. Michael Bryan Cook 8 September 1998
Let's Team Up to Game On! The pros and cons of programming games in teams. Alan Wong 6 September 1998
Building OSes for Flash ROM Calculators Building an OS for the TI-89 and TI-92 Plus. Matthew Stits 6 September 1998
Calc Crypto and the GPC Commenting on developing industrial-strength encryption for TI graphing calculators. S.T.L. 3 September 1998
Plug and Play TI Commenting on developing a "Plug and Play" program for TI graphing calculators, and more specifically the creation of skeleton games. Kyle Everett 2 September 1998
What Makes a Good Game Commenting on the components of a good game. Alan Wong 1 September 1998
Of Mice and Math Programs Commenting on the lack of good math and science programs. S.T.L. 28 August 1998
Cheap Computing, The Future of TI Calculators How cheap computing may be the future of TI graphing calculators. S.T.L. 26 August 1998
Cross Compiling The need for a cross-calculator compiling tool. Michael Cook 12 August 1998
Universal Key-Press System The need for a universal key-press system for all calculators. Phil Killewald 10 August 1998
Math Class Helpers How math programs should act more like functions to speed the process of solving multi-step problems. Brad Sliger 6 August 1998
Why Big Assembly Coding Projects Are Possible The possibilities of big assembly coding projects, especially on the TI-92 and HP48. Gerard Imbert 29 July 1998
TI Calculator Support on Linux The lack of good software for Linux and other platforms. Nick Davis 22 July 1998
The Future of Assembly Programs Thoughts on the future of assembly programs, especially applications. Douglas Ward 4 July 1998
BASIC Shells Numerous BASIC shells for calculators with built-in assembly support. Kirk Meyer 1 July 1998
Documentation Lacking How documentation is lagging behind programming. Achton Nick Nethercliff 11 October 1997
Shell Wars Thoughts about the numerous assembly shells for the TI-85. Michael Wyman 17 September 1997

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