[TIB] Kick-starting the forum


[TIB] Kick-starting the forum

Are we all really so bored that the hot topic in the discussion boards is 
marshmallow peeps and red borders? I would like to hear about some of the 
other TI-Basic projects in the works out there, especially if they are for 
the '85, '86, '89, or '92+.

About Aim 89/92+: How many of you have even taken a look at it? Anyone 
interested in writing tank strategies for it? Would the changes I'm trying 
to make be worth the effort?

If I add nothing to Aim, I can shrink (and have shrunk) the tokenized 
version to below 9750. When I add new things like variable gravity, terrain 
probabilities, random borders, and expand the data variables for future 
functionality (like advanced weapons, scoring, inventory, etc), it will grow 
much larger than it would otherwise. Many of these changes won't be useful 
for a long time, but by putting them in now, I won't need to tell people to 
rewrite their functions later. What do you think?

About other programs:
I have some pther programs I've written have been put in the back burner 
because of Aim.. I haven't uploaded them because the documentation is 
incomplete, but I wonder how useful any of these would be:
* Calendar system that highlights current date (1605 bytes)
* Toolbar-based dice roller program that can repeatedly roll several dice at 
the touch of a function key (1006 bytes)
* Time-stamping program (368 bytes, plus 2 list structures)
* A couple drawing programs
  Point draw - Pixel drawing w/ function calling: 679 bytes
  Filter - Basic transformations: 1278 bytes
  Putpic - Like an interactive XorPic: 507 bytes
  Fillpic - Uses Putpic to fill in Filter images: 178 bytes
* Grid 1,2,3 - Draws various grids
* Shtri - Filled triangle drawer

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