[TIB] Re: Kick-starting the forum (My Projects)


[TIB] Re: Kick-starting the forum (My Projects)

Glad you asked. I mainly program for the TI-83. If
anyone hasn't seen it, check out my program
Gravitation 2.0 on ticalc.org. I am STARSOFT. It is
the only good program I have ever gotten around to
releasing so far.

Currently I have much in the works, right now I am
working on a Minesweeper game just for fun. Older
projects include EliXar, an rpg I'm not sure I'll ever
finish, and Year of Darkness, a space strategy game
based on Master of Orion 2 for the PC.

And there are some other things I've done. I probably
should release more stuff... never get around to it.
It's a shame considering the extent of my knowledge of
the 83 BASIC language.

Anyway, that is some of my projects. I tend to switch
back and forth. There's no telling when I will finish
either of the big ones, but Minesweeper is well on its

~Jason R. (STARSOFT)

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