A89: Re: Hardware Info


A89: Re: Hardware Info

I'll answer some of your questions.

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Subject: A89: Hardware Info

> 1.  Does anyone know what the chip labeled "TI REF
> 200C040F001" does?  It appears to be chip made by TI
> (if they make any chips).  It's only present in HW2
> calcs.

It holds all the functions that was built into the custom chip in HW1 and
probably some more.
This things include (but not limited to) port I/O, lcd controller,
oscillators and chip select logic.

> 2. What is the name of the Japanese company that made
> the chip labeled "T 9952W HC14A" (only present in
> HW2).  It's the same company that made the ram on HW2
> calcs.  The logo on it looks like a slanted "T".
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but the "T 9952W HC14A" chip
> replaced the Orbit flash protection chip present in
> HW1.

sorry, don't know the answer to that one.

> 3. The 68k processor on HW2 calcs appears to be a
> standard Motorola processor, and not a custom Motorola
> chip.  I think it's labeled "MC68SEC000PB16", but
> since I don't actually have a HW2 calc, I can't really
> tell from pictures.  I do believe that the
> "MC68SEC000PB16" chip is a standard Motorola processor
> currently in production for handheld devices (ie. it
> doesn't have the custom built in memory mapped I/O
> that the custom HW1 processors have.)  Perhaps the
> extra chip labeled "TI REF 200C040F001" handles the
> memory mapped I/O on HW2 calcs.  Can anyone verify any
> of this?

That is correct. It is a standard 68k chip instead of the special embedded
one in HW1.
See Q1 too.

> 3. One last question:  Who made the chip labeled
> "SM83AL LP324M" on HW1 and labeled "SJM01AD LP324M" on
> HW2?  It's the LCD driver, right?

Nope, it's not. lcd driver is on the embedded microprocessorchip on HW1 and
in the new big one (TI REF) on HW2.
LP324 (thats the code for the actuall chipmodel, rest is just junk (like
what factory and what date and stuff)) is made by National Semiconductors
(that S is not an S but an N) and is a quad op-amp. What it does, I don't