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> Yeah, but its too bad then that all these media organizations are picking
>  their "Person of the Century", "Event of the Century", etc right now 
>  of the end of next year.

The thing is, this millenium ends in a week.  It doesn't matter if there was 
a year 0, the simple matter is, if people say the millenium ends Dec 31, 
1999, it does.  Think about it; what's a date?  It means nothing in the grand 
scheme of things, just what we want it to be.  So if everyone decides that 
the next millennium starts on Jan 1, 2000, then it does.  It does only 
because they say it does; they are the only reason it exists in the first 

Ok, enough cryptic philosophical junk for one day :P

Jonah Cohen
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