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Re: A83: (no subject)

Yeah, but its too bad then that all these media organizations are picking
their "Person of the Century", "Event of the Century", etc right now instead
of the end of next year.

Bryan Rabeler

"nothing important happens behind anybody's back.  Everything will be
discussed on the list and everyone will be kept informed." - Chris Dornfeld,
17 November 1998

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> Yes, 2000 is in the 20th century, but 2001 begins the 21st century.
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> << But there _should_ have been a year zero, mathematically, so... I guess
>  just one of those things... like the 20th century refers to the 1900's,
>  the 2000's.
>  So does the term 20th century refer to 1901-2000? :) >>