Re: A83: (no subject)


Re: A83: (no subject)

> Yeah, but its too bad then that all these media organizations are picking
>  their "Person of the Century", "Event of the Century", etc right now 
>  of the end of next year.

Well, the thing is this:

97% of the world believes that the new millenium begins in...oh, roughly 
seven days.  (I'm not in the mood to mess around with GMT.)

The other 3% of the world that doesn't believe it -- and can prove otherwise 
-- are all stereotyped as geeks who are repeatedly told that they should 
really stop trying to prove otherwise.  Of course, we're pretty sure that 
that whole geek-type isn't true (let us hope it isn't!), but when 97% of the 
world believes otherwise, it's rather difficult to change that opinion.

Anyway, I got off on a tangent there...well,'ll shut up 
now.  ::nod::

Kevin Mitnick might be imprisoned for about a hundred years more if the 
digital apocalypse comes to pass.  Not that that's _good_, of course...