A83: Re: why bother (optimization of code)...


A83: Re: why bother (optimization of code)...

I think there is a nice middle-way...

The way I do it!

Optimize where you can (i.e. using XOR A and JR instead of LD A,0 and JP),
but when the optimizations make a mess of your code and completely
desctructs the structure, don't do it. For example, I could make all my code
a hell of a lot faster by deleting all subroutines (very slow CALLs and RETs
will be deleted and I can improve every ex-sub copy to have maximum
communication with the surrounding code), but if I want to modify something
later, I can't understand my own source anymore because it's such a mess...
It's optimized, okay. But if that's worth it...


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