A83: why bother


A83: why bother

>Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 00:12:54 -0700
>From: "David Phillips" <david@acz.org>
>Subject: A83: Re: Asm God???


>optimize code for a PC?
>Algorithms, yes, usually, if it doesn't make the code more
>difficult.  But the actual code?  No.  Why bother, for a computer
>running at several hundred megahertz?

- Who cares if its bloatware?
- Who cares if it requires slow runtime libraries to execute
- What does it matter, if maybe you need to utilize the cpu which
   runs at several hundred megahertz
- vb is BETTER than everything else because it doesn't make
   coding 'difficult'

>Why can Rusty write stuff in the 3 days that might take me a month(not 
>talking asm)?

- my guesses are:
    1) You are not too good at it (code)
    2) Rusty is very good

>Because writing heavily optimized code just because you can and writing 
>excellent programs is something completely different.

- it doesn't matter if the code is elegant
- the things that make up a good program are:
     shiny buttons
     shiny buttons
     shiny buttons
     shiny buttons
     a nice gui

>Just my thoughts.

- likewise

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