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Re: A83: Link Port

I prefer plain text, at least when the contents are, well, plain text. If
someone really _needs_ fancy colours / sizes then ok, but I'll  only  read the
plain text  part anyway. =)


On 27-Sep-98, Thomas Turn Jensen wrote:
>Hi there.

>I'm considering creating multiplayer support in my game (nibbles). Only
>problem is I have no experience with the lInk-port...
>So my problem is this: Does anyone has some plan simple info (hint james,
>hint) on using the Link Port? I've read the sparse info from Ti's homepage
>I need something with examples and a bit more non-technical. E.g. is there
>some sort of buffer or do I hae to have a rutine that reads the port on one
>calculater at exactly the same time as the other calc writes to it?
>Please either tell me something about it or tell me where to read more about

>And oh ehm.... Is there some way of testing link-asm with CalcEm (or another
>emulator) - I'd rather not have to test EVERYTHING on my calc as it will
>surely crash a lot then...

>btw: Do people here prefer messages to be send in plain text like with usenet
>or is the usual html ok?

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