A83: ot: ti-manual


A83: ot: ti-manual

I got a new ti, b/c the old one had a ram-fart and don't wanna work (its 
says error memory when I turn it on, in an endless loop).  I looked in 
the manual one day and AHHA pat has a primo spot on page two, in the 
group of names.  For $60, pat, you could get the box seat, number 1 on 
the list, just change your last name to Abba or the alternate spelling 
Aaba, depending on what it takes to make it first on the list.

BTW:  Have you guys heard of amnesty international, they're almost as 
bad as those greenpeace fags, but they're french and they whine a whole 
lot.  Well anyways, my friends and I just finished making the nooses 
which we will hang around the necks of some dolls that have 'I'm an 
Ethnic Albanian', and place those out side there door after school.  

-Phelan 'Amen' Wolf

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