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PedroM 68k OS Released
Posted by Michael on 10 December 2003, 23:21 GMT

Patrick Pelissier, author of PreOS and other fine 68k programs, has written the first third-party operating system for the 68k calcs. The open-source PedroM looks like a Unix shell, has task switching and a much smaller size (only 192 KB). It is designed to be compatible with the AMS 1.xx series.

In order to include this OS in our archives, we have added categories for TI-89 Operating Systems, TI-92 Plus Operating Systems, and Voyage 200 Operating Systems.

Morgan has also been fixing up the TI-83 Plus Flash directory into subcategories of games, science, math, et cetera. New submissions should no longer go into the general Flash category but rather one of these new subcategories.

Update (Michael): We are currently being Slashdotted, but holding up just fine because HTTP requests are load-balanced among our Beowulf cluster of 2000 TI-85s. Bring it on!


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nicklaszlo Account Info
(Web Page)

Would it be posible to write a boot loader so you could swich between OSes? It would probobaly take lots of ROM to have two, but it might be useful. We could call it TILILO, Or TI-Larva

     15 December 2003, 04:10 GMT

Re: Bootloader
nicklaszlo Account Info
(Web Page)

We would have to write an update for TI's OS, so it would not freak out if it tried to read the bootloader or the other OS. Probobaly expanding the existing OS write protection would do it.

     15 December 2003, 04:17 GMT

Re: Bootloader
PpHd  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yes. It is possible, and has been done.

     15 December 2003, 09:23 GMT

Re: Re: Bootloader
Chivo  Account Info


     15 December 2003, 19:16 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Bootloader
Christophe Molon-Noblot  Account Info
(Web Page)

Pedrhum, by Olivier Armand aka ExtendeD:
http://www.yaronet.com/ posts.php?s=26376
(in French)
The project has been halted, and I fear no beta are available anymore.

     15 December 2003, 21:55 GMT

Re: PedroM 68k OS Released
nyall Account Info
(Web Page)

Considering the number of things Yapt pulls I think Pedrom's support for it is much better than 'OK' :) But the expression writer for some reason doesn't work that well :)

Cheers for PpHd.

The strongest Cheerio In the World:

-Samuel S

     15 December 2003, 06:31 GMT

Re: Re: PedroM 68k OS Released
lalu Account Info

<<But the expression writer for some reason doesn't work that well :)>>

Because it was written later? :)

     15 December 2003, 21:37 GMT
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