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FAT-Engine v1.0 Released
Posted by Eric on 24 April 2002, 09:47 GMT

After fourteen months of development, TICT has released FAT-Engine v1.0 for the TI-89 and TI-92+, a raycasting engine useful for multidirectional sprites, HUD support, and more. A bunch of FAT-Engine games will be released in the very near future, so be sure to look for those. Find out more on the TICT website.

Update (Niklas): Modified the links above to point to the ticalc.org archives. You can also find the technology demos for the FAT for both the TI-89 and the TI-92+.

Some of the games mentioned above have also been added to the archives:

  • Corridor 92 is only for the TI-92+ at the moment, but according to the author the 89 version is coming. More information can be found on the author's site.
  • Shoot Out is for both the TI-89 and the TI-92+ and contains both AI opponents as well as the ability to play one-on-one over the link cable.

Update (Niklas): As of demo version 2.1, Corridor 92 now also supports the TI-89. Happy gaming!


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Re: FAT-Engine v1.0 Released
esweecoo  Account Info
(Web Page)

WOW!! thers been about 30+ commets in the last hour

     3 May 2002, 02:38 GMT

Re: Re: FAT-Engine v1.0 Released
esweecoo  Account Info
(Web Page)

wait, nevermind, i see now

     3 May 2002, 03:02 GMT

Re: Re: Re: FAT-Engine v1.0 Released
garyanddepleatedteamup  Account Info


     3 May 2002, 23:35 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: FAT-Engine v1.0 Released
kEvinwElls  Account Info
(Web Page)

this is a little off the topic but doesnt anyone here think ticalc.org should update there file archives more often. Its been like a week since their last update!!

     4 May 2002, 20:15 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: FAT-Engine v1.0 Released
esweecoo  Account Info
(Web Page)

i'm with you, i have like 5 files pending.
also this news article is over a week old.

     4 May 2002, 22:54 GMT

Re: FAT-Engine v1.0 Released
lord_nightrose Account Info
(Web Page)

Yay, Windows .NET! Wooho!

     4 May 2002, 21:46 GMT
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