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Assembly Studio 8x v4.0 & KbqLib v1.01 Released
Posted by Eric on 23 November 2000, 23:58 GMT

We interrupt your regularly scheduled silence for an edition of ticalc.org Late News(tm). Due to bottlenecks in the file archiving process, I wasn't able to post on these earlier:

  • Jeremy Goetsch of ACZ has released Assembly Studio 8x v4.0. Assembly Studio 8x is an integrated devlopment environment that helps with developing Z80 assembly. Download it for more information.
  • KbqLib v1.01 has been released by Michael Olson. This library is supposed to make all TI-89 and TI-92+ programs compatible with all AMS and Hardware versions. Looks pretty promising to me.

Happy Thanksgiving to all denizens of ticalc.org in the US!


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Re: Assembly Studio 8x v4.0
Balax  Account Info

I have a problem using Assembly Studio 8x v4.0:
first it worked well and when there was an error, there was a window that shows the errors or warnings,
(named: "the assembler output") but I accidently placed the window under my screen and
now I can't see my errors and warnings anymore!
I tried to re-install the software, but the problem stays.
Can anyone help me? I have windows XP.

     13 July 2004, 09:18 GMT

Re: Re: Assembly Studio 8x v4.0
Chris Oliver  Account Info

I have the exact same problem. I thought I might try deleting the registry keys for it. I have uninstalled it at least 6 times and the Assembler Output window just won't show up. Does anyone know where the file is that saves the toolbar settings on ASM Studio 8x?

     11 April 2005, 23:54 GMT

Re: Assembly Studio 8x 4.0
(Web Page)

Wow, ASM Studio 4 is nice! Projects and all that-maybe I'll finally be able to write a decent program in 86asm :).

[First Post!]

Benjamin Esham

     24 November 2000, 00:10 GMT

Re: Re: Assembly Studio 8x 4.0
(Web Page)

Has anyone tried the ti-89 compatibility file?

     24 November 2000, 00:21 GMT

Re: Assembly Studio 8x 4.0 & KpqLib v1.01 Released
Roland Vassallo  Account Info
(Web Page)

This KPQLib looks good. Will make Prosit work? It seems that no matter what AMS I have had, Prosit never quite worked right and it looked so good. Does anyone know if any more prosit development is going on? What about that Linux port? Is it still being developed? (Did development ever start?).

Anyways, great job to both Jeremy and Michael!

     24 November 2000, 00:19 GMT

Re: Re: Assembly Studio 8x 4.0 & KpqLib v1.01 Released
Michael Olson  Account Info

Unfortunately, KbqLib will not make Prosit work. If you want to check out Prosit's developement stage, go to lpg.ticalc.org and click the Prosit link. So far, another programmer has taken over the Prosit project. He has released a version of Prosit that includes a debugging feature. I tried this new version out on AMS 2.05 with both DoorsOS and TeOS, and it froze after a few steps. I don't think that Prosit's problem right now is with keystroke handling. I even tried to recompile Prosit once, but that attempt failed miserably.

     24 November 2000, 01:56 GMT

Re: Prosit
mmu_man  Account Info
(Web Page)

Check the link :)
Well, Prosit is still being developped, but I don't have the time I'd like to spend on it :(((
Until now I managed to recompile the kernel under Linux (with TiGcc, I patched it to work), with a working kprintf() (using the ROM's vcbprintf), and a text console (with a nucleus of a virtual console system).
What I'm trying to do now is to modularize the kernel to make it more clean, as from the begining (when Niklas wrote it) the prosit.c #included other .c files which isn't a good thing, but was necessary as the windows tigcc didn't allow to compile multiple .c files and then link the objects together... (and the current is said to be able to do this, but I made some tests and it doesn't seem to be ok). Under Linux I resolved this by getting the object files linked by the _real_ linker (m68k-coff-ld), and then running the pseudo-linker ('link') with the resulting object file, so it only have to translate it to .9xz/.89z :)

     26 November 2000, 22:36 GMT

Re: Re: Prosit
mmu_man  Account Info
(Web Page)

oh :( -have+has (wondering how I managed to have 940 out of 990 on the TOEIC ;) )

BTW, GtkTiEmu seems to progress quickly... seems I won't have to use VTI under Wine or VMWare for testing (It works on both, but it's far slower than a native emulator). Maybe I'll be able to speed up Prosit developpement ;)

     26 November 2000, 23:42 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Prosit
J22 Account Info

How did you get VTI to work on Wine? When I try it, it works fairly well except that the calculator screen is corrupted and impossible to read. That makes it rather hard to use :-)

     27 November 2000, 21:29 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Prosit
mmu_man  Account Info
(Web Page)

Just run your X server (or a new one) with a 16 bits color-depth, i.e. run:
startx -- -bpp 16

     28 November 2000, 23:17 GMT

Re: Assembly Studio 8x 4.0 & KbqLib v1.01 Released
(Web Page)

Hey all!! Let's get Street Fighter II working... And I head that the original Author to SF2, Thomas, said that his project was not stopped, but actually he doesn't have a lot of time, and before finishing Street Fighter, he will finish GtkTiEmu, his last project! After that, he will debug Street Fighter 1.0 beta and port it to ROMs v2.0x! But for now, let's see if the HW1 version works! Anyone try it yet?

- Kamika007z

     24 November 2000, 00:43 GMT

Re: Assembly Studio 8x 4.0 & KbqLib v1.01 Released
JaggedFlame Account Info

Somewhat related to KbqLib - anyone remember the Clock program released around a year ago or so? Did it work well, or was it a battery hog? Because if it worked well, we could try to port it to 2.0x...?

     24 November 2000, 01:22 GMT

Re: Re: Assembly Studio 8x 4.0 & KbqLib v1.01 Released
Michael Olson  Account Info

I know which program you are talking about. I tried this clock program out when the HW2 Compatibility package was first released in March(?). It seemed to work fine until newer versions of DoorsOS and TeOS were released. Then, anytime you tried to run it, the clock display would be over-written by the history status thing. If you want a clock, take a look at the TICT team's S1P3 tutorial at their site tict.ticalc.org. This includes a compiled version of their clock program. I haven't tested it yet but it _should_ hopefully work with AMS 2.05.

     24 November 2000, 01:51 GMT

Re: Re: Assembly Studio 8x 4.0 & KbqLib v1.01 Released
MicroLITH Account Info

The problem isn't so much that it's a battery hog, because it is since the calc has to stay on, but that the clock is also very innacurate.

Since the TI calcs use a capacitor instead of a quartz crystal for its clock (not the time kind), it varies widely with the charge of your batteries (they use a capacitor for durability, since if you dropped a calc with a quartz, you'd be more likely to break it.) This would cause the clock's time to vary with the power level of the batteries, making it fast on brand new batteries, or slow on older batteries, not to mention you have to reset the clock if you turn your calc off, since all running programs are halted, and the calc has no internal time clock of its own.

     24 November 2000, 02:18 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Assembly Studio 8x 4.0 & KbqLib v1.01 Released
Chris Fazio  Account Info

Um this kbqlib or whatever isn't working.
Someone please help me!
Whenever I run doors or any AMS program it just freezes, so I have to take the battery out.

     25 November 2000, 01:41 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Assembly Studio 8x 4.0 & KbqLib v1.01 Released
Michael Olson  Account Info

Can you give me more information? Like:
- What calc do you have?
- Which AMS version?
- Which HW version?
- Do you have HW2Patch installed if your calc has HW2?
- Which shell did you run kbqlib under?

     27 November 2000, 02:23 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Assembly Studio 8x 4.0 & KbqLib v1.01 Released
nyall  Account Info

If a hw2 goes at 12Mhz and $600017 is incremented every 6250 clock cycles and it takes 53 ticks before auto interupt 5 is executed then auto interupt 5 goes at 36 hz.

But I want it to go at 20 hz like on hw1 so I need to solve the following for x: (12,000,000/6250)/x=20
and subtract x from 257 to get the value I should write to $600017 which happens to be 161.

Is my logic correct? And could someone with a ti89 hw2 do some beta testing for me? This is for the developement of yapt. Please mail me.

-Samuel Stearley

     25 November 2000, 01:46 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Assembly Studio 8x 4.0 & KbqLib v1.01 Released

it doesn't run at *exactly* 12 MHz. that's what whatsiface up there was saying. due to the instability of an oscillator based on a capacitor, the frequency varies with battery voltage, temperature, humidity, external capacitance (how close your hand is), and probably whether or not the ceo of ti is having a good day.

     25 November 2000, 03:03 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Assembly Studio 8x 4.0 & KbqLib v1.01 Released
Patrick Davidson  Account Info
(Web Page)

First, the speed you gave on the HW1 version is incorrect; it should be 30Hz (but I suppose this is just a typo).

More importantly, the one tick every 6250 clock cycles ratio does not hold on HW2. The interrupt frequency is actually much slower on the HW2, somewhere around 1000 ticks per second (also, the HW1 frequency is a little slower than what 10000000/6250 gives, actually around 1500 ticks per second).

I actually measured the HW1 result I'm giving above myself; I didn't measure the HW2 value myself, but it's been confirmed by several HW2 users.

     25 November 2000, 05:28 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Assembly Studio 8x 4.0 & KbqLib v1.01 Released
nyall  Account Info

The 20 hz measurement (actually it is 18 hz) is correct- it matches the calculation for it and it is the value given in the technical documents that come with doorsos.

The Hw2 increment frequency is interesting because at 1000 hz then auto interupt 5 will also go at aproximately 20hz. Which means the Hw2 problem have to do with a keyboard that does not debounce.

-Samuel Stearley

     25 November 2000, 19:17 GMT

Re: Assembly Studio 8x 4.0 & KbqLib v1.01 Released
screamager  Account Info

I misunderstood the purpose of KbqLib ... I was hoping that I could finally get an assembly shell working on AMS 2.05.

As it is, it seems that I still need that hw2patch to install DoorsOS... or any other OS it seems.

Unfortunetly, to do that, I seem to need a previous version of the AMS to run that TIB receiver... and guess what? First getting the calculator, I 'upgraded' to 2.05 without backing up the previous OS. It also seems to be illegal to have the previous ROMS up anywhere... and TI only has the current version up.

Can anyone offer any solutions? I've spent way too much time on this, I think this is my last hope unless someone releases a new hack in the next while...


     25 November 2000, 06:14 GMT

Re: Re: Assembly Studio 8x 4.0 & KbqLib v1.01 Released
negface  Account Info

Say, I'm in the same boat. Does that mean I'm an idiot, or....

Sure wish I could just find AMS 2.0k (where k is an integer greater than -1 but less than 5) somewhere, like, oh I don't know, on the street or in some kind of a "mailbox".

But hey, you can't escape from an escape-proof prison.

     27 November 2000, 01:37 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Assembly Studio 8x 4.0 & KbqLib v1.01 Released
Daniel Cooke  Account Info

E-mail ti-cares@ti.com and ask for any AMS version, and they'll send it.

     27 November 2000, 02:21 GMT

Re: Re: Assembly Studio 8x 4.0 & KbqLib v1.01 Released
Michael Olson  Account Info

All you need to do to legally get a previous AMS version is e-mail TI at <ti-cares@ti.com>. They will usually send you the AMS version that you ask for.

     27 November 2000, 02:26 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Assembly Studio 8x 4.0 & KbqLib v1.01 Released

Yeah, TI is usually very good about that sort of thing. I once emailed them asking for v2.03 and 2.04, and TI went ahead and sent me EVERY ROM version.

     28 November 2000, 01:21 GMT

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