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Assembly Studio 8x v4.0 & KbqLib v1.01 Released
Posted by Eric on 23 November 2000, 23:58 GMT

We interrupt your regularly scheduled silence for an edition of ticalc.org Late News(tm). Due to bottlenecks in the file archiving process, I wasn't able to post on these earlier:

  • Jeremy Goetsch of ACZ has released Assembly Studio 8x v4.0. Assembly Studio 8x is an integrated devlopment environment that helps with developing Z80 assembly. Download it for more information.
  • KbqLib v1.01 has been released by Michael Olson. This library is supposed to make all TI-89 and TI-92+ programs compatible with all AMS and Hardware versions. Looks pretty promising to me.

Happy Thanksgiving to all denizens of ticalc.org in the US!


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Re: Assembly Studio 8x v4.0 & KbqLib v1.01 Released
anon  Account Info

Is it just me, or does anyone else get a kick out of the fact that we have been downloading ass|tudio? Eh...

Anyways, Nice job, J.G.

on a related note <plug,plug>, I will be releasing a undisclosed project, at an undisclosed time(5.2 months?!?), with the aid of ASStudio4...

     29 November 2000, 00:04 GMT
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