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Posted by Nick on 2 February 2000, 03:13 GMT

Icarus Productions has given me a great present for my birthday--albeit unwittingly :). For all you TI-86 fans out there (such as myself), you'll be pleased to know that Clem Vasseur has released Ion86, a great new program that emulates TI-83 Ion programs on your 86. Matthew Shepcar helped out by writing the .COM file included that converts the Ion programs to a compatible .86s format, and also by providing the TI-83 emulation core from Rascall. Thanks a ton to Clem and Matt for providing a great new program for all the 86-philes.


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Re: Ion86
Causeofdeath  Account Info
(Web Page)

I just don't understand this. why would you wnat to emulate, crudy, (no offense to those wonderful programmers, but let's face it.)83 programs on your better 86. I have an 89 and 83, i don't have any games on my 89, mostly because of ROM 2.03, and i can't hardly use my 83 because the resolution is terrible. what would be useful is an 89 emulator on the 86. plus the games alone for the 86 are better than any ion game could be, (i.e. Fall Down Forever, any of the Marios.)
well, all i can say, the 83 needs a far better LCD and grayscale. that would may it at least worth having games on.
Dan Rudolph

     3 February 2000, 01:45 GMT

Re: Re: Ion86
akadajet  Account Info
(Web Page)

Wow, it sure seems like alot of 89 owners are stuck up and dont appreciate the hard work of others! Do you know how much effort goes into making these games and emulators? Im trying to make an z80 ASM game myself and am having many difficulties. z80 games are great. I see no problem w/ them. True, the 89 has good games too, but I see alot of games (not all) focusing more on graphics than gameplay.

Take BigDyna and Bomber Bloke and compare them... BigDyna has FAR superior graphics, but the gameplay in Bomber Bloke is WWAAYY superoir to BigDyna.

My point is, dont go dissing the z80 calcs because of their hardware limitations. Graphics dont make the game. Gameplay does.

~Jonathan Taylor

     3 February 2000, 02:00 GMT

Hey, Im writing an ASM z80 game myself!
da86guy Account Info
(Web Page)

Would anyone bother to send me a collision detection routine? Im w(look at the title)

Anyways, about Dim-TI, I wish it could log-in-automatically. I HATE typing in my password

     3 February 2000, 02:26 GMT

Re: Hey, Im writing an ASM z80 game myself!
Jonah Cohen  Account Info
(Web Page)

You need to have cookies enabled for it to remember your login.

     3 February 2000, 21:00 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Ion86
(Web Page)

i agree completely and totally. Of all the games on the 86, if i could port *one* it would be either bomberbloke. Maybe vertigo, or simcity, or repton... well, it was a kick ass game... now, i just like Supercar II for my 89 and Phoenix for my 92+.

     4 February 2000, 23:37 GMT

89 emu for 86?
usaar33  Account Info

sure an 89 emulator would only be really slow and wouldn't even fit on the 86 screen :)

     3 February 2000, 03:22 GMT

want good games? get a neogeo pocket.
Nikku-kun Account Info

TI didn't design 83s to be gaming machines ... they're supposed to be math tools. Sure, the resolution sucks some major arse, but it gets the job done AS A MATH TOOL. TI's not in the handheld gaming industry, but some people sure seem to think so.

About your comment about "crudy" TI-83 programs ... people with TI-86s and Ion86 probably run them for the same reason other people would run an emulator. Because they want to, dangit. Just because it's not pretty to look at doesn't mean it's not fun.

-- nik

     3 February 2000, 16:06 GMT

Re: want good games? get a neogeo pocket.
Etec  Account Info
(Web Page)

thanks for tring to get the non gaming systems point across. Of course the people who use the emulator and say that the 83 or the 83 plus sucks piss me off. To those people, why the hell do you want to run programs for such a "PIECE OF JUNK" on your calculator. If you don't treat the 83 or plus like junk and do something with the emulator, then I'll leave you alone. Don't cut down a math tool and use its programs. How would you think of me if I said Microsoft sucks and then install microsoft office 2000 on a microsoft operating system.

     4 February 2000, 01:04 GMT

Re: Re: Ion86
Arcades  Account Info

you obiosly havent played Lotus! :)

     4 February 2000, 00:57 GMT

Re: Re: Ion86
Etec  Account Info
(Web Page)

My favorite z80 game is Lotus Turbo Challenge, its worth putting on an 83. The point of that game is not graphics though. I like some 2d games when there is 3d out their. I bet your one of those who see 2d and say eww, that game sucks. You see 3d and say I want this. I bet you would like a game where you see a 3d cube spinning.

     4 February 2000, 01:09 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Ion86
Joe S  Account Info

Dude, you've got a defensive problem about your calculator. You really shouldn't pay mind to uneducated comments about the 83+ being "crudy"; flash memory is something my 86 could use (82 emulation tends to be unstable a lot).

But really, must you jump to conclusions about someone who says they enjoy 2D games as well that they only want graphics? The games he mentioned were the Marios and Falldown, non-3d games mind you.

     4 February 2000, 20:09 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Ion86
Etec  Account Info
(Web Page)

A problem huh, You have a problem, you don't try an tell anyone about insulting except for me, for some reason you seem to like saying I have a defensive problem when others are saying that the calculator is cruddy. Look at that comment that replied directly from my base comment.

"The games he mentioned were the Marios and Falldown, non-3d games mind you. "
>they are 2d because that was their design. If someone managed to develop a true 3d game for the calculator, some people would start saying that those 2d games are crap, even though the point of the 3d game is to jump off a clift and try and kill yourself as much as you can in 2 seconds. For an n64 some people say nba hangtime sucks because its 2d, while in fact its more fun then some of the 3d games of the same idea, basketball.

     4 February 2000, 23:46 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ion86
Joe S  Account Info

well, I agree that most of the time 2d games are better than 3d games (I'd rather play phoenix than star fox 64...yuck)

but, I apologize for my fellow 86 peers, as they are probably uneducated about using different calculators or just don't like the fact the 83+ has flash and the 86 doesnt :P

     5 February 2000, 00:32 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ion86
Jeff Meister  Account Info

As I'm sure about 10 people have said here already, graphics don't make the game... gameplay does. But graphics can be an indicator of quality. Usually if a programmer spent the time to make graphics as good as the Mario games on the 86, he made the gameplay not too bad either. Few people would spend so much time and effort to diliberately make a piece of shit.

- Jeff

     5 February 2000, 03:58 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ion86
Etec  Account Info
(Web Page)

phoenix, never herd of it, I have to say, personally, I liked starfox 64, but thats your opinion.

     6 February 2000, 03:40 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ion86
Joe S  Account Info

phoenix = greatest shoot'em-up space-invaders type clone for the 89/92+

     6 February 2000, 18:06 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ion86
Etec  Account Info
(Web Page)

Oh, I think I've heard before, on this site or in a readme.

     8 February 2000, 03:33 GMT

Scott Uhl  Account Info
(Web Page)

Well, I'm happy for the TI-86 people, but what would be really cool is if there was an emulator that runs crAsh games on the TI-83 and TI-83+! That'd be sweet!

     4 February 2000, 23:38 GMT

Re: Ion86
Joe S  Account Info

I think 86 programmers made 82/83/85 emulation only because they were sick of hearing requests for ports :P

Maybe if someone gave the 83(+)'ers 82 emulation, port requests would probably go down a lot :p

But that's merely a suggestion; I haven't the foggiest on emulation anyways :P

     5 February 2000, 00:35 GMT

Re: Re: Ion86
Brian Schmidt  Account Info
(Web Page)

But then what are us "82ers" suppost to do. What can you emulator on a 82?

     5 February 2000, 03:53 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Ion86
The_Professor  Account Info
(Web Page)

You would emulate 83(+) programs on the 82.

[After all, the 83+, 83, and 82 all have screen sizes of 64 by 96 pixles]

     5 February 2000, 05:09 GMT

Re: Re: Ion86
Etec  Account Info
(Web Page)

What about an SOS emulator for the 82 and 83+. That would put porting requests down a lot. Of course I think some programers/porters like porting, if not under pressure, its a challenge.

     6 February 2000, 03:46 GMT

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