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The famous "Aspirin" game now available for the CE!
Posted by Xavier on 19 May 2017, 19:21 GMT


The day before yesterday, "Unicorn" uploaded AspirinCE for the TI-84 Plus CE / 83 Premium CE, a classic game present on almost all graphing calculators.
Indeed, originally released in 2003 for the TI-89 and updated a year later for compatibility with the 92+ and V200, Aspirin also got its z80 counterpart in 2005 for the 83+ / 84+, and in several versions for the more recent TI-Nspire series a few years ago.

As the animated screenshot shows, AspirinCE is a fun reaction game where your goal is to move around to get to the circles while avoiding the ever increasing number of lines moving from one end of the area to the other... It would seem relatively easy, but in fact, you may end up screaming at your calculator when it gets impossiblehard and a line finally kills your dot...

Anyway, it's quite addictive, as you may know. Have fun ;)

The game is programmed in C and requires the usual C libraries.
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Re: The famous Aspirin game now available for the CE!
CalcMax Account Info

I guess this and many other games, along with the temptation to buy an NSpire CX CAS, are the reason why my old TI84+SE feels obsolete now. Based on the screenshots, this game of your's looks quite impressive. If I had a CE and showed this off at school, I think half of my classmates would faint (many came close when, during the one time I took my 84+ to school, I showed off Maze 3D II). Could you attempt making a 3D version where you have a first person view from the ball's perspective?

Reply to this comment    3 June 2017, 18:54 GMT

Re: The famous Aspirin game now available for the CE!
OgreVorbis Account Info
(Web Page)

I made a version of this game for Windows. I loved playing this in school back in the day. My second favorite game after block dude.
You can find the upgraded Windows version in the URL field (somewhere around this post).

Reply to this comment    23 October 2021, 16:16 GMT

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