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All TI Signing Keys Factored
Posted by Duncan on 13 September 2009, 00:13 GMT

In July, we reported on the factoring of the 0004 key, required for the signing of TI-83+ and TI-83+ SE OS updates. Thanks to an unprecedented community effort, all of TI's signing keys have been factored (Details on the United-TI thread), including both operating system and application signing keys for every upgradeable model.

The Nspire and Nspire CAS aren't included; very little is known about them yet.

These keys allow free user-created operating systems to be installed without having to use awkward work-arounds such as Free83P and FreeFlash. Free operating systems already exist for the TI-83+, the TI-89, and the TI-92+. As of this writing, none of the operating systems available on ticalc.org right now are signed, but we look forward to accepting signed OSes from authors.

To sign your own operating system or Flash apps, you will need Benjamin Moody's RabbitSign (Unix, Windows). For 68k calculators (TI-89 / TI-89 Titanium / TI-92+ / Voyage 200), Brandon Wilson's resign68k works as well.

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Re: All TI Signing Keys Factored
Ralph Schenn  Account Info

im trying to create a flash app with this cmd file (using modified App1 example from TI):

REM compile the resource file (creates assembly also)
rc32 -mp Appr1.r > compile.txt 2>&1

REM compile the C source creating assembly
com68 -D_89 -Q -l -Oc1f0l3m0p1r2x1 -Xbef3IL -IC:\SIERRA\INCLUDE App1.c App1.s >> compile.txt 2>&1

REM f-line optimization of assembly files (this step is NOT OPTIONAL, without it sdkpc will crash)
fline Appr1.s Appr1.s >> compile.txt 2>&1
fline App1.s App1.s >> compile.txt 2>&1

REM assemble output from resource file creating object
asm68 -Q Appr1.s >> compile.txt 2>&1

REM assemble output from C source creating object
asm68 -Q App1.s >> compile.txt 2>&1

REM link the object files
link68 -Q -m -r Appr1.o App1.o -o App1.out >> compile.txt 2>&1

REM create flash application from linker output
sdkpc -O3 -r0 -b0 89 App1.out App1 >> compile.txt 2>&1

REM resign the flash app
rabbitsign -k C:\SIERRA\Keys\0103.key App1.89k >> compile.txt 2>&1


When calling rabbitsign i get the following errors:

App1.89k: warning: application length incorrect
App1.89k: warning: (perhaps you meant to use -r?)
App1.89k: warning: program image length incorrect

When trying to transfer to the calc i get the message that memory is full. This message is wrong, there is planty of space.

When i add -r to the call to rabbitsign the 3 warnings above dissapear - but otherwise nothing changes.

The IDE of Flash studio requires an ancient Java version which is not running under Windows 7. Because of this there may also be errors in the command invocations before the call to rabbitsign...

Any hint would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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