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TI-84 Plus OS v2.40 Released
Posted by Michael on 28 January 2006, 21:58 GMT

TI has released v2.40 of its operating system for the TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. They have again neglected to provide any description of new features or bug fixes in this version. However, it has been discovered that pressing Left+Right+On while the 84+ is off enters into a restricted mode designed for teachers to restrict calculators during tests.

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TI-84 Plus OS v2.40 w/ Omnicalc
PattyGook  Account Info

Well guys, i'm sad to report that even with the Virtual Calculator feature enabled on Omnicalc, the OS still blocks it from being used.
Maybe..... we'll get an Omnicalc upgrade that allows us to beat the OS.

Reply to this comment    1 March 2006, 22:38 GMT

Re: TI-84 Plus OS v2.40 Released
Keen101 Account Info

Yeah, I just updated to 2.40 and the lockout feature sucks. If anyone knows it's there they can lock you out until you find a friend to send you a file. Also, I heard it was on 2.30 also, but I remeber trying it out and it did not work. If anyone still has 2.30 could you confirm this? Also, for 2.30 users I remember if you pressed prgm twice you would get a secret menu or something. On 2.40 this is not there.
One last question: Is there a place they still give out v. 2.30?

Reply to this comment    9 March 2006, 17:52 GMT

Re: Re: TI-84 Plus OS v2.40 Released
kylerm1993 Account Info

I am a little mad because i tried to update to 2.40 or whatever and when it was being set it erased my old os but wouldn't send the new one and now my calc only says "please install operating system now" what should i do

Reply to this comment    21 March 2006, 03:26 GMT

Re: TI-84 Plus OS v2.40 Released
Ross Lacker  Account Info

what exeactly is an os and what does it do for my calc

Reply to this comment    8 December 2006, 00:36 GMT

Re: Re: TI-84 Plus OS v2.40 Released
Morato Account Info

Hello i just bough my 1st TI, its a TI 84 plus silver, i started downloading the 2.41 version and i got scared if i was downloading a virus cause it deleted my calc operative system so i disconected the cable befor it finished. Now i dont have any operative system.
Any one knows a way to get an operative system back on it? i tryed downloading to the calc the latest version but i cant pass the 33% (thats the % where i disconnected befor). Sry to bother but im getting desperate

Reply to this comment    23 July 2007, 18:59 GMT
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