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Scorch v1.2 Beta
Posted by Michael on 14 April 2005, 04:59 GMT

[Scorch 68k]Martin Huber has released a beta of his "Scorched Earth" adaptation for the 89/92+/V200. Scorch 68k v1.2 currently features eight weapons, seven tanks, four types of armor, randomly generated landscapes, and lots of other fun goodies. In the future the game is expected to add a better AI and more weapons, among other things.

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Re: Scorch v1.2 Beta
Michael McElroy Account Info
(Web Page)

I remember playing this game back in junior high. It was AWESOME back then. ... and new.

Reply to this comment    16 April 2005, 00:04 GMT

Re: Scorch v1.2 Beta
randomperson Account Info

I like it, yeah, but it's pretty much whoever wins round 1 wins all of 'em, since you earn money only for winning... and the locations of the tanks should be randomized to the sides a bit, as well as the orders, because on no wind, you can pretty much always hit tank 3 (if you're playing with 3 tanks) with angle=45 and power=52. Whatever. It's still an awesome game. Hot napalm is so fun!

Reply to this comment    16 April 2005, 20:45 GMT

Re: Re: Scorch v1.2 Beta
artraid  Account Info
(Web Page)

I never tried that weapon, it's about time I do :)

Reply to this comment    17 April 2005, 14:11 GMT

Re: Re: Scorch v1.2 Beta
jesse frey  Account Info

I can't seem to use wepons that I buy. but the AI can. So I have napalm and nukesbut can't use them so once an AI wins it is all over for me

Reply to this comment    17 April 2005, 23:37 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Scorch v1.2 Beta
mhubi Account Info

did you call the inventory to choose the weapon in the game? (on v200 and 92+ with the 'q'-key/on 89(ti) the 'mode'-key

Reply to this comment    19 April 2005, 08:27 GMT
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