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ticalc.org Breaks 8,000 Archived Files
Posted by Phil on 17 October 1999, 00:44 GMT

I'm happy to announce that ticalc.org has amassed more than 8,000 files (specifically, 8,001). In addition to this, there are 4,107 screenshots, 181 of which are animated.
The directory with the most files is TI-82 BASIC Games with 490 files, the runner up being TI-83 BASIC Games with 315 files.
In related news, we broke our weekly requests record again with 1,623,549 requests in the week starting on October 10. The previous record was set on September 12 with 1,534,428 requests. For more information on our web statistics, please click here.


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hey, how come it's always my post that get deleted?

or, why do post get deleted?

eh, i guess this site will have to get more readers before it starts sticking to stuff like freedom of speach. (thats how slashdot.org started)

argh, get moderators


     18 October 1999, 16:02 GMT

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everyone's reply to this got deleted....

*sigh* some people never get it....

     23 October 1999, 08:30 GMT
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