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TI Acquires Soft Warehouse, Inc.
Posted by Kirk on 7 August 1999, 01:06 GMT

Texas Instruments has just recently acquired Soft Warehouse, Inc. The company's primary product is Derive, a CAS (Computer Algebra System) upon which the TI-89, TI-92, and TI-92 Plus are based. This acquisition will enable TI to release more products that utilize a CAS. Also, it may lead to new and improved calculators in the TI line.

Source: Texas Instruments


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TI Acquires Soft Warehouse, Inc.
Jimbo J.

Maybe this was due to the arrival of the HP 49. The timing of it seems suspicious. HP rolls out its next generation calculator, then a few weeks later, TI acquires the maker of their CAS. Looks like TI is working on a new calc....

     11 August 1999, 04:35 GMT

Re: TI Acquires Soft Warehouse, Inc.

I certainly hope so. The 49 is _supposed_ to have a better CAS, but I _don't_ know obviously. Whats better than a little friendly competition for the end consumer :)

     11 August 1999, 18:22 GMT

Re: TI Acquires Soft Warehouse, Inc.

Reverse Polish Notation, enough said........

     11 August 1999, 22:44 GMT

Re: Re: TI Acquires Soft Warehouse, Inc.
Mitch  Account Info

I hope by saying that you mean "Reverse Polish Notation is so dumb it makes me cry at night, enough said..."

     15 August 1999, 17:56 GMT
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