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Connect Your TI-83 to the Internet
Posted on 20 September 1998, 01:47 GMT

[Telnet 83 Screenshot]
Justin Karneges has released Telnet 83 v0.96 Beta for the TI-83. This program will allow you to connect to the Internet from your TI-83 and allow you to do IRC, e-mail, or browse the World Wide Web. You need a TI-Graph Link cable, an external 9600 modem, and a cellular phone or wall jack. Telnet 83 goes a step futher than FTerm, RTerm, and ZTerm by featuring an 80x25 scrolling "virtual" screen. This allows you to run programs for Linux such as Pine. For more information check out the Telnet 83 Home Page.


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connecting TI-86 to the net
(Web Page)

I was wondering if there were any programs to connect a TI-86 to the net and if so what site? thanks

     18 April 1999, 12:06 GMT

Source Code
(Web Page)

i was wondering if anyone had the source code for telnet.83g in a .txt format. I was going to try to port it to the TI-86. thanks!

     18 April 1999, 23:27 GMT

Re: Connect Your TI-83 to the Internet
Snow Angel

i really have nothing intellectual to offer except that i just want to say that this is an immensly fabulous idea, congrats! now i will whine, please please please someone tell me if there is something like this for the 86 and if i can get a fixed baud rate cable for cheaper than 50 bucks, i will kiss your feet!!!

     29 April 1999, 00:03 GMT

Connect Your TI-83 to the Internet
Daniel Linton
(Web Page)

<easy solution> "No Ti-Calculator Is Better than another, because you might want a certain price range, certain possibilities, certain sizes and all. I just a 12 year old in 6th grade and I can settle this!" </easy solution>

<question> "Does anybody know of a program for ti-83 that will let you connect more easily and with a 2400 modem, if so, e-mail me at sunroom@mindspring.com" </question>

     16 May 1999, 19:47 GMT

Re: Connect Your TI-83 to the Internet

Can I expect a telnet83 that will work without sos or ashell because everytime I try to run sos or ashell on my TI-83 plus, they won't work

     24 June 1999, 00:03 GMT

You moron!
(Web Page)

SOS and ASHELL aren't compatible with the 83+! Use ION instead.

     17 October 1999, 19:20 GMT

Re: Connect Your TI-83 to the Internet

Can you connect a casio cfx-9850g to the internet as their COLOUR (hahahahahaha) and much better.

     8 July 1999, 14:08 GMT

Re: Re: Connect Your TI-83 to the Internet

I use a 9850g and I've given that question a lot of thought since I found out that internet can be done on a TI. It would be more difficult to do so with a Casio because they can only transfer calculator data (graphs, pictures, variables, etc). It would be possible if you wanted to write a tcp/ip interpeter for your calculator, and had something (I was thinking a basic stamp, since they have multiple serial ports) convert the modem data to a matrix or variable. I would like to do this but I can't seem to find clear documentation of tcp/ip.

     14 January 2000, 23:15 GMT

Connect cfx9850 G to the internet
Martin Poupe  Account Info
(Web Page)

I think telnet (terminal emulator) can be done on cfx9850 G, but NOT written in "CASIO-basic". I am trying to find the ways to write programs in assembler for 9850s. I think if the autor of telnet for TI-83 public his source code, I will be able to rewrite it for cfx9850 G.
More info about assembler see at http://prg.rkk.cz/~mpoupe

     2 February 2000, 18:36 GMT

Re: Connect Your TI-83 to the Internet
Impressed 86 owner

Wow. I just have two questions - can we expect a port to the 86, and just how do you connect the modem to the TI?

     20 September 1998, 02:26 GMT

Re: Re: Connect Your TI-83 to the Internet
Leon Pierre
(Web Page)

Just use Clem's new shell when it comes out

     20 September 1998, 03:57 GMT

Re: Re: Connect Your TI-83 to the Internet
ViRii IcOn (VI)

just use a parallel graph link to connect to an external modem just like on a computer.

     23 September 1998, 02:01 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Connect Your TI-83 to the Internet

Not a parellel graph link you dumb ass, you use the TI-Graph link for the COM PORT!!

     25 September 1998, 23:22 GMT

Re: Re: How do I Connect a TI-86 to the Internet

I Have a Ti-86 and I like very mutch to put use mine ti-86 to the IRC, does anyone haves a emulator or a program that a can use to do this???

     8 February 1999, 21:50 GMT

Re: Connect Your TI-83 to the Internet
Brian Bock

I also say this is impressive. I can't wait for the port to the 86 or 89. This will really be a nice step for extra functionality for the calculator.

For those that are wondering about the hookups, you use your graphlink, an adapter with two male ends, and a null modem adapter (unless you have one that combines the two.)

     20 September 1998, 03:00 GMT

Re: Connect Your TI-83 to the Internet

can you use a better modem than a 9600?

     20 September 1998, 03:22 GMT

Re: Re: Connect Your TI-83 to the Internet
Leon Pierre
(Web Page)

The link port wont be able to benifit from anything faster than 9600, since I think that's about as fast as it can go. Its like having a cpu that supports a 100mhz bus, but the motherboard can only go 66mhz.

     20 September 1998, 04:01 GMT

Re: Re: Connect Your TI-83 to the Internet

What i meant was can you use like a56k modem and it would stiff work at 9600?

     20 September 1998, 05:29 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Connect Your TI-83 to the Internet
Justin Karneges

I've heard that any external modem will detect the baud rate of the device it is connected to and change it's speed accordingly. If this is so, the external modem (even a 56k) should detect that the graphlink is only working at 9600, and then slow down to 9600 so it works.

     20 September 1998, 08:48 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Connect Your TI-83 to the Internet

An alternative to having the faster modem slow down is to add a buffer (ie, 16550+ Uart), and do the usuall polling.

     22 September 1998, 17:29 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Connect Your TI-83 to the Internet

Well, some newer ones do, but many older ones will cause the link to slip up and toss in unwanted characters as the calc can't keep up. Some modems allow you to set the DTR speed, such as PP's PC-LCD models. Some others autodetect. What I mean is, try it out with your super-fast (yeh, right) 56K modem, but don't be surprised if all you get is garbage.

     27 September 1998, 06:28 GMT

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