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Review by  Jeoffri Davis
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 6/10 It can get a little monotonous...
Controls: 10/10 Too simple: 2nd=yes, Alpha=back/no.
Implementation: 7/10 Cool game, RPG style, simple plot.
Overall: 8/10 Good average score! Go Justin!

Joltima is medium length RPG game for the 86. I'm not really a fan of RPG's so, Justin should feel a little special that I'm writing a review on something like this.

It's your basic RPG so nothing is really hard to figure out. There are 8 crystal shards hidden in 8 caves. Your job, of course, is to find all eight of the shards.

Basically, during battles, you either fight, use a potion or some type of healing item, or you can run for the battle like a coward. Like all RPG's, you start off inside a town, and you learn the plot. Train outside the town and gain a couple of levels before searching for the first cave because if you look around and get too far from a town without gaining some levels, you WILL die.

There are 4 people in your group: The knight, the ninja, the hunter, and the mage. (at least, that's what they look like.) The ninja will usually get the first attack, and then the night. After that, the enemy usually attacks. Then, the hunter and mage fight. Use the mage's power wisely, because she/he only has a few amount of shots. After that, she/he just attacks with his/her staff, which doesn't do much damage.

Make sure you go from the first to the second cave. I had a lot of trouble going in order. I ended up skipping from the fourth cave, to the eigth! I'm not sure if Justin included the locations in his Readme, but if he didn't, he might want to either put it in there, or put signs in front of each cave, specifying which cave it is. It would help out people like me, who can't get's lost after riding about 2 blocks down the street!!

All in all, Joltima is great. Make sure you talk to everyone in the towns and look for secrets like hidden boxes and people in the forests in and outside the towns. My favorite secret message is in Forestra. Check out Justin's other work at http://www.affinix.com . He's got his own business! Go Free Enterprise! He's got an awesome game he and his crew are working on for Gameboy Color. Hey, maybe he'll hit it big! Show some support, and I pray you collect all the shards for Joltima.

Review by  Kirk Meyer
Reviewed on 2004-11-02
Attention span: 2/10 You can run it only once before it crashes.
Controls: 8/10 The Gameboy interface sometimes seems to get in the way.
Implementation: 9/10 Pretty Good. The graphics routines could use work.
Overall: 6/10 Not even that if you can't play more than once...

Joltima is a graphical RPG game with a Gameboy-style interface. The game is actually a port from the original TI-83 version. To begin a game, you first name your four characters: a knight, an archer, a mage, and a thief. Each of these four characters has some sort of unique quality. Your mission is to set out and find the eight shards so that you can stop the evil wizard Korifca from taking over Daphnar.

First off, I like this game. It's great, until it crashes the calculator. If it didn't crash, I would probably play it a lot. Secondly, the Gameboy interface tends to get in the way sometimes, making the entering of the names difficult. Finally, there are a few kinks in the scrolling routine and it is a little bit slow. All in all, I think its a great game if I could just play it for a while... Since the 86 version is a port from the 83 version, these problems may just be an error in porting.

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