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Review by  Lincoln Bergeson
Reviewed on 2011-02-14
Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny is an epic Role-playing game by Ranman. As I play the game, I feel like and old gamer playing on an Apple II. The primitive in-game graphics go nicely with the hand drawn portraits in the Introduction. I could play this game for a very long time. I'm actually looking forward to a long road trip in the future, just so I can have an excuse to play for hours on end. When I get on to play, I usually just explore, go around, gain experience, and most often get arrested or killed or both. But that doesn't detract from the game - part of the fun is loading up your old game and trying a different path, a different castle, home, route, anything. Maybe this time without accosting that one innocent civilian, maybe not trying to take on a party of armored guards, maybe not stealing that guy's horse. Great game, the game fits the old-school TI-89 almost perfectly. The menus are slightly awkward, but as I've been able to tell, that's really the only way to do it. I have no suggestions for improvements.

Graphics: 10/10 Primitive, but it still sucks me into the gameplay.

Gameplay: 10/10 Walk around, kill people, amass wealth, gain experience- must I say more?

Replayability: 10/10 You could play this game into the next millennium and still not get bored

Features: 10/10 Nothing you can't do. Mixing spells using the reagent system is especially brilliant

Difficulty: 9/10 Nothing ticks me off more than wandering around without knowing where you're trying to go. You get used to it, though

Overall: 49/50

Download. Now. Or don't, if you want to pass all your classes this semester.

Review by  Bo Peng
Reviewed on 2010-03-04
Graphics-Great graphics. Must have taken a lot of work to hand draw everything! 10/10

Controls-Extremely simple, at least, for 89. All the F1, F2, F3... buttons are easy to hit. 10/10

Storyline-Great Storyline! Works well on calc with TI-Reader


Value-400 hours! Are you kidding me!? 10/10

Visibility(Some games become blurry if they are fast)-Easy to see, even on the the map. 10/10

Bugs/Glitches-Next to none! None that spoil the game. Some say that Hole Up values/HP do not save. To solve this, simply get yourself in another battle after you Hole Up/Cure yourself and run for it. Then save. The only actual glitch I have found that is negative is that sometimes if you push, say, the right button, the guy goes up!(ETC) Why? I do not know. It seems to only happen at certain places though, mostly in cities/buildings. I am NOT going to mention the supportive bugs, as Ranman may change them! But never Address Errors and that stuff.



60/60 I do not give every game this high mark! Truly stunning and revolutionary.

Review by  Michael Pearce
Reviewed on 2009-01-11
This is by far one of the most advanced games to ever be written for TI calculators. The game boasts beautiful graphics and really in-depth game play that will keep you interested for a really long time. The day/night system is incredible, and further more certain events only take place at the right times. This is a must download for all RPG lovers!

Gameplay: ***** - Will keep you entertained for a long time

Graphics: **** - Stunning detail

Story: ***** - Very rich and well developed story

Replay: ***** - Each time through is unique

Controls: *** - Menu driven system can be awkward at times

Original: ***** - You won't find any close to this anywhere

Bugs: *** - A few bugs, but none that ruin the game

Overall: **** - Excellent game overall

Review by  g mo
Reviewed on 2008-08-07
This really is an outstanding program that does provide many hours of fun. It has many great things including a fun interactive environment and many weapons, armors, spells, and items to mess around with. That said, there are a few small problems i have with it. One such issue is that the menus for viewing your stats are irritating to get to and are not as detailed in their information as I would like. Also you can't just pick it up and start playing without reading all of the info that came with the download. You can try but you won't get very far. Those and other small issues do detract somewhat from the game but not enough to not make it worth the download.

total review- 8.5 out of 10

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