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Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny


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Filename ultimav_89.zip (Download)
Title Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny
Description Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny Original by Lord British (Richard Garriott), Origin Systems, 1988 Remake by Ranman (David Randall) May 2008 Prepare thyself for thy destiny: After a century of relative peace, the Avatar of Virtue is summoned back to the medieval kingdom of Britannia to deal with a new threat: the usurper Lord Blackthorn, a formerly honorable nobleman who has been corrupted by strange new creatures called the Shadowlords. After the recent disappearance of the true king, Lord British, the realm has fallen under martial law. Blackthorn now rules the land by brutally enforcing the eight Virtues upon the people of Britannia - corrupting their meaning in the process. The Avatar must gather together his former companions, now made outlaws by Blackthorn's regime, and venture forth to defeat the vile Shadowlords and recover the true king from the shadowy depths of the Underworld. (Synopsis written by Ian Scott Frazier, Ultima V: Lazarus) Ultima V - Highlights: - 400 hours of game play - classic turn based RPG - 26 menu driven commands - user commands up to 6 party members - 175 NPC (non-playable characters) - NPCs have detailed conversations scripts - NPCs have a unique daily schedules. - 512 tiles (11x11 pixel, 4 level grayscale) - 2 world maps (each with a size of 256x256 tiles) - 32 multi level towns (each level size 32x32 tiles) - 8 dungeons each with 8 levels - 31 types of weapons - 7 types of armor - 5 types of shields - 5 types of helmets - 5 magic amulets - 3 magic rings - 8 magic potions - 8 magic scrolls - 8 reagents (reagents are used to mix magic spells) - 48 magic spells - food, keys, torches, & gems - 24 additional items - Day and night algorithm - Light point source algorithm - Clear line of site algorithm
Author David Randall (drandall99@charter.net)
Category TI-89 Assembly Games (Role-playing)
File Size 872,469 bytes
File Date and Time Sun Jul 27 15:15:49 2008
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? No



Review by  Lincoln Bergeson
Reviewed on 2011-02-14
Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny is an epic Role-playing game by Ranman. As I play the game, I feel like and old gamer playing on an Apple II. The primitive in-game graphics go nicely with the hand drawn portraits in the Introduction. I could play this game for a very long time. I'm actually looking forward to a long road trip in the future, just so I can have an excuse to play for hours on end. When I get on to play, I usually just explore, go around, gain experience, and most often get arrested or killed or both. But that doesn't detract from the game - part of the fun is loading up your old game and trying a different path, a different castle, home, route, anything. Maybe this time without accosting that one innocent civilian, maybe not trying to take on a party of armored guards, maybe not stealing that guy's horse. Great game, the game fits the old-school TI-89 almost perfectly. The menus are slightly awkward, but as I've been able to tell, that's really the only way to do it. I have no suggestions for improvements.

Graphics: 10/10 Primitive, but it still sucks me into the gameplay.

Gameplay: 10/10 Walk around, kill people, amass wealth, gain experience- must I say more?

Replayability: 10/10 You could play this game into the next millennium and still not get bored

Features: 10/10 Nothing you can't do. Mixing spells using the reagent system is especially brilliant

Difficulty: 9/10 Nothing ticks me off more than wandering around without knowing where you're trying to go. You get used to it, though

Overall: 49/50

Download. Now. Or don't, if you want to pass all your classes this semester.

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UltimaV_89/binaries/uv0.89y   42069
UltimaV_89/binaries/uv1.89y   58993
UltimaV_89/binaries/uv2.89y   56179
UltimaV_89/binaries/uv3.89y   59187
UltimaV_89/binaries/uv4.89y   46624
UltimaV_89/documentation/U5 Book of Lore.txt   78132
UltimaV_89/documentation/U5 Britannia Cloth Map.jpg   276967
UltimaV_89/documentation/U5 Britannia Map.png   317074
UltimaV_89/documentation/U5 Journey.txt   13397
UltimaV_89/documentation/U5 Runes.gif   3795
UltimaV_89/documentation/U5 Spell Book.txt   34043
UltimaV_89/documentation/U5 Stones.gif   3128
UltimaV_89/readme.rtf   28690

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