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Review by  Gabriel Rath
Reviewed on 2006-12-22
"NukeWar ION" would be a great game, if it had not been for the stupidity of the AI and the repetitiveness in placing the structures. This is, however, my favorite rendition of Battleship for the TI-83+.

Controls: 10/10 Basically only the number pad and ENTER.

Gameplay: 9/10 Good example of how important it is to have some of everything, for if you loose all of one specific building type (except for farms), you just lost the game. However, I noticed that there always is a column of grass on one of the sides.

Replayablility: 8/10 In the end, you will develop a winning strategy that will always beat the AI and you will get bored of the game. The only reason you should keep this game is because you get to cream your friends, who maybe aren't as stupid as the AI.

AI: 7/10 The AI for this game is good for when you start playing the game, but when you master the basics, it will become the worst AI you have ever seen in your life.

Overall: 9.2/10 Good game, but would be better with an option of beginner AI or expert AI.

Review by  Jeff Padget
Reviewed on 2006-10-26
"Nukewar" is an awesome game. It is reminiscent of "BattleShip", but is more complicated. It is kind of like "World Domination." It is (rather) stable, and has good, smooth gameplay. It is great to play with a friend if you have a lot of time and both know how to play. Different gameplay strategies develop, and it is fun to learn these. I recommend this game to anyone who wants to step up the older, simpler games and try something full of both good animations, gameplay, and strategy.

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