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Review by  Jason Levandowski
Reviewed on 2018-06-23
This is the only type of program I've used before, and I am just posting this review to say that it requires the use of command prompt, which if you are unfamiliar with will make creating a ROM for an emulator very difficult.

Review by  Kevin Zhang
Reviewed on 2006-11-18
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

"rom8x" is an excellent dumping program - its method is unique to any other ROM dumper I've seen. It does not dump directly via a cable itself; instead, it creates AppVars on the calculator, which can then be (quite easily) transferred using any standard linking program like "TiLP" or "TI Connect".

The TI-84 series has been notoriously hard to ROM dump, in my opinion. Yet with "rom8x", I was able to dump my TI-84+ SE and get a valid ROM in a matter of minutes just by following the README instructions. I was up and running with a virtual 84+ Silver Edition on "TilEm".

If you need a calculator ROM, it seems "rom8x" is currently the best and easiest way to go. Just follow the clear, concise directions and you can't go wrong. Don't let the low 0.2 version number fool you!

My overall rating: 9.9/10

Review by  Floyd Maseda
Reviewed on 2005-12-12
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

Finally what I've been looking for. I have a “Silverlink” USB cable for my 83+SE, and no program seems to want to dump a ROM with it. This program bypasses this. All you have to do is send a program to your calculator, run it, and send the AppVar it creates back to your computer. No matter what type link cable you have, it will work, and this allows for me to make a ROM of my calculator almost effortlessly. The upgrade to v0.2 of this program is an astounding leap. Good job.

10/10 for everything!

Review by  Patrick Stetter
Reviewed on 2005-08-04
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

You have probably heard that obtaining a ROM image is very difficult. “Rom8x”, makes the entire process a snap. Just follow the readme and it's almost impossible to fail. This program is very helpful. It does exactly as it says. If you are looking for a ROM image from a TI-8x series calculator, then this is the only program you need.

10/10: Ease of use
10/10: No bugs to report here
10/10: Overall helpfulness

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