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Filename rom8x.zip (Download)
Title rom8x
Description rom8x is a console program that will aid one in creating a ROM file. It does not require specific linking software, as everything on the calculator-end is saved into an AppVar which is sendable via all computer<->calculator linking software, so as long as you can send and receive programs, you are all set. Now updated to support all 83+ and 84+ calculators, including the 84+ CSE.
Authors Andree Chea (kryptic_89@yahoo.com)
Peter Marheine (peter@taricorp.net)
Category Windows Utilities
File Size 150,348 bytes
File Date and Time Wed Oct 1 20:00:16 2014
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes


Review by  Kevin Zhang
Reviewed on 2006-11-18
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

"rom8x" is an excellent dumping program - its method is unique to any other ROM dumper I've seen. It does not dump directly via a cable itself; instead, it creates AppVars on the calculator, which can then be (quite easily) transferred using any standard linking program like "TiLP" or "TI Connect".

The TI-84 series has been notoriously hard to ROM dump, in my opinion. Yet with "rom8x", I was able to dump my TI-84+ SE and get a valid ROM in a matter of minutes just by following the README instructions. I was up and running with a virtual 84+ Silver Edition on "TilEm".

If you need a calculator ROM, it seems "rom8x" is currently the best and easiest way to go. Just follow the clear, concise directions and you can't go wrong. Don't let the low 0.2 version number fool you!

My overall rating: 9.9/10

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Archive Contents
Name Size
rom8x-0.3.2/83PBE/G83PBE1.8xp   247
rom8x-0.3.2/83PSE/G83PSE1.8xp   247
rom8x-0.3.2/84CSE/G84CSE1.8xp   247
rom8x-0.3.2/84CSE/G84CSE2.8xp   247
rom8x-0.3.2/84PBE/G84PBE1.8xp   247
rom8x-0.3.2/84PBE/G84PBE2.8xp   247
rom8x-0.3.2/84PSE/G84PSE1.8xp   247
rom8x-0.3.2/84PSE/G84PSE2.8xp   247
rom8x-0.3.2/LICENSE.txt   18093
rom8x-0.3.2/README.html   12757
rom8x-0.3.2/README.txt   7306
rom8x-0.3.2/rom8x.exe   115555
rom8x-0.3.2/src/.hgignore   99
rom8x-0.3.2/src/.hg_archival.txt   148
rom8x-0.3.2/src/build.bat   407
rom8x-0.3.2/src/build.sh   351
rom8x-0.3.2/src/html/nav.js   256
rom8x-0.3.2/src/html/style.css   492
rom8x-0.3.2/src/LICENSE.txt   18093
rom8x-0.3.2/src/Makefile   434
rom8x-0.3.2/src/README.md   6914
rom8x-0.3.2/src/rom8x.c   18069
rom8x-0.3.2/src/template.z80   1355
rom8x-0.3.2/src/ti83plus.inc   157944
rom8x-0.3.2/src/ti84pcse.inc   121450

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