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Review by  Wyatt Ward
Reviewed on 2013-02-03
This is a nice emulator.

Speed: 10/10

Amazing. Just got my ti-89 titanium used as an upgrade from my broken ti-84+SE. Used to ti-boy by calc84maniac, i did not expect anything decent from this emulator, but i forgot that its called '68k' for a reason. It's a different processor! Pokemon Red's intro runs at about 28-30fps with a frameskip of 2. I hardly notice the frameskip. After that, you may want to increase it a bit. Be sure to disable SRAM in save states if you chose pokemon, because it takes a VERY long time to compress. Otherwise, just hope no one (e.g. your maths teacher) notices the 'compressing...' text on the screen.

Graphics: (9/10)

It's a shame there's no 'crunching' (scaling) feature, but I still am impressed! Besides a few minor graphical bugs that come with a work-in-progress (i know Ben dropped work on it but at the time this was to be a WIP), the whole game is quite good. The bugs are barely noticeable, so don't worry too much about them.

Playability: (9/10)

Would be 10 out of 10 if not for pokemon, but its an RPG with a turn-based battle system, so it's not too important.

Installation: (8/10)

Readme is not incredibly instructive; I was confused when i ran out of RAM on a ti-89 Titanium. If you just archive EVERYTHING you can, you should be fine :) Other than that, be sure to add the game rom files to a folder other than the 'main' folder.

Overall: (10/10)

'What if I told you...


What's not to like? sure, it's not a perfect emulator, but the sheer awesomeness of playing video games in math class is overwhelming. Get this program, NOW.

Review by  David Hayden
Reviewed on 2008-05-19
I think the main review [Editor - previous review] you see here pretty much covers it all, and i hope my review doesn't replace it or whatever. I just wanted to add a couple things. On a regular TI 89 the memory archive limitations won't let me archive every file of a game rom, so if i need to reset my memory i'll always lose one game file, this is fine when i'm near my computer, but i don't need to play gameboy on the calc when i'm near my computer.

The main thing i wanted to point out is that the TIChess team's SStart application pretty much solves all memory problems when running this emulator. If you run gb68k with sstart you'll most likely never recieve an out of memory error. One other thing i wanted to point out. When you convert your original rom image to the 68k files, I find i always have to use the -pack parameter or the game won't fit on my calc. Of course i doubt this is an issue for titanium users.

Review by  Alan Goldman
Reviewed on 2008-03-18
*starts a slow clap*, this is, without a doubt, an absolute MUST for any 89 owner. The scripting is brilliantly done, the games run great, and of course, its a freaking gameboy on your calculator!

Everything was done very well, from the amount of user-controlled options to make sure that every game runs at its best, to the ability to have a frame skip (because admittingly the TI is a tad slow).

Rendering 9/10:

The program has been able to display every ROM I threw at it, a few ROMs had a few scrambled graphics, some others had some layers messed up, but besides one case*, everything runs great.

*On Metroid 2, the boss battle was unplayable on my TI-89T

The speed is slow, but what's to be expected? Depending on the situation you can use the handy 'frame-skip' to speed up the game at the cost of less frames, which is useful in long walks (about 2/3 gameboy speed) at 3-5 frames per second, but in boss battles you can slow it down to about 1/4 speed with full 25 frames per second.

Playability 10/10:

The buttons are well placed, To compensate for the TI's vertically challenged screen, you can press the + or - buttons to scroll up and down the game window, which works great because my right thumb falls right on those two keys. The speed does not effect the gameplay in any way (your in math class, you have anything better to do?), except on Pokemon, where the origonal game was so extremely slow, I was playing it with frame-skip 9 all the way!

Save System 10/10:

Quick saves, like most emulators, allow for 10 save states, which is useful in exploring places, stick a save state at a junction, and if you went the wrong way reload so you don't have to walk all the way back.

Perhaps the best feature is the 'quick save' key *coughcough*. All you do is press the On button, and it QUICKLY (I'm talking within milliseconds) closes the game, and has a discrete 'Compressing...' on the status bar while it saves. Great for certain *ehem* situations.

Resources 5/10:

I understand that this is a Gameboy on a calculator, but it does use an ungodly amount of system resources. It will typically run fine for a few days, then get an out of mem error, in which case if I left+right+second+on (archiving everything first), it clears up. It seems to me (although I'm no expert) that the game leaves some sort of fragments on your RAM. That's the only way I can explain why after a system reboot it works fine.

The program itself only takes about 20k bytes, while the game ROM takes over 300k+ depending on the game. I can barely fit 2 in at once, but I often don't.

Overall 9/10:

A great game player, despite its large system use and slow speeds, this emulator is a great 'tool' for any TI owner, and is perfect for anyone who is bored in class. Although the GameBoy's library is quite small, there is enough to get you through a year or two. I couldn't live without this, great program!!!

Show-off Factor 10/10:

"Hey, whatcha doing?"



This program allows you to be the envy of everyone in your Calculus/Trig class.

Review by  John Torque
Reviewed on 2005-05-23
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

Really amazing; I never thought this would be possible. “GB68k” goes much faster than other programs of its nature, and games are saved. In addition, more ROMs are supported. “Zelda: Link's Awakening”, for example, is playable; games are saved fine, and I couldn't catch any major problems. “Pokemon Blue” works just fine as well, at an alright speed.

If GB68k could run faster, and have either a crunch/autoscroll feature implemented (or at least scroll more pixels [preferably the whole screen], so I don't have to keep pressing the plus/minus buttons), it would be perfect. Right now, I would give it a rating of 9/10.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Review by  Fooruman Foogray
Reviewed on 2005-05-16
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

Wow, a Game Boy emulator for the 68k calculators. BRILLIANT. However, it does have a few problems. The sprites are occasionally jumbled, and the controls occasionally don't work right. Those problems are to be expected in an unfinished version, though, so those can be excused. The real problem I had with this program is that it takes an unholy amount of memory to run. I had to delete almost everything off my TI-89 Titanium in order to run this without getting an "out of memory" error. The idea for this program is wonderful, but it needs to not take so much memory. I'd suggest this program to anyone who just recently bought their calculator and doesn't have any extra programs on it.

Review by  Reginald Tucker
Reviewed on 2005-05-13
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

I'd first like to commend the author for even doing this at all. It is awesome and opens up a huge library of games for play on 68K calculators.

There are, of course, some issues, which is understandable considering it is an early version:

Of course I have to mention the fact that quite a few of the games run at less than desirable speeds, but unless he recompiles the ROM I don't see this getting too much better.

I would really like to see a "crunch" feature made available. It is really quite annoying to have to continually shift the screen up and down to see what is going on.

I will give it a solid 8/10 because this is quite amazing but there are still some flaws.

Review by  Andy Janata
Reviewed on 2005-05-12
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

“GB68K” is a nice GameBoy emulator for the 89/Ti/92+/V200. I've messed with it for a couple hours on my Titanium and have only had major problems with one ROM. The others I've tried at the most do nothing at all other than a blank screen. “The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening” and “Golf” seem to work very well. It even compresses the battery files! Since the GameBoy's screen is larger than that of the calculator, scrolling is implemented so you can see whatever part of the screen you want (you only have to do vertical scrolling).

Controls: 7/10. The buttons for A and B should be reversed to match the locations on the GameBoy. Other than that, the controls are fairly intuitive.

Graphics: I can't really give it a rating on this, but I will say that the graphics are about the only thing that's not up to snuff in the emulator. Some games have scrambled sprites while others have missing sprites. It just depends on how the ROM does it. He is still working on it, so I expect this to get better.

Sound: Why do people even give this category on a calculator? Well, the emulator doesn't support it and I seriously doubt it ever will -- the GameBoy does stereo sound and all we've managed on the calculator is clicks and beeps.

Overall, I'd give it an 8/10 – It is a good idea, and the implementation is getting better. The only gripe I have is that the ROMs aren't compressed -- but I do see why they cannot be. I'm glad I got my 89T with all that extra EEPROM now.

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