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gb68k v0.5.6


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Filename gb68k.zip (Download)
Title gb68k v0.5.6
Description This is a gameboy emulator for the TI-89, TI-92+, and V200 calculators. See the readme for all the details. This version fixes some nasty bugs.
Author Ben Ingram (ingramb@gmail.com)
Category TI-89 Assembly Games (Misc.)
File Size 147,646 bytes
File Date and Time Sat Dec 10 04:09:24 2005
Documentation Included? No
Source Code Included? No



Review by  Wyatt Ward
Reviewed on 2013-02-03
This is a nice emulator.

Speed: 10/10

Amazing. Just got my ti-89 titanium used as an upgrade from my broken ti-84+SE. Used to ti-boy by calc84maniac, i did not expect anything decent from this emulator, but i forgot that its called '68k' for a reason. It's a different processor! Pokemon Red's intro runs at about 28-30fps with a frameskip of 2. I hardly notice the frameskip. After that, you may want to increase it a bit. Be sure to disable SRAM in save states if you chose pokemon, because it takes a VERY long time to compress. Otherwise, just hope no one (e.g. your maths teacher) notices the 'compressing...' text on the screen.

Graphics: (9/10)

It's a shame there's no 'crunching' (scaling) feature, but I still am impressed! Besides a few minor graphical bugs that come with a work-in-progress (i know Ben dropped work on it but at the time this was to be a WIP), the whole game is quite good. The bugs are barely noticeable, so don't worry too much about them.

Playability: (9/10)

Would be 10 out of 10 if not for pokemon, but its an RPG with a turn-based battle system, so it's not too important.

Installation: (8/10)

Readme is not incredibly instructive; I was confused when i ran out of RAM on a ti-89 Titanium. If you just archive EVERYTHING you can, you should be fine :) Other than that, be sure to add the game rom files to a folder other than the 'main' folder.

Overall: (10/10)

'What if I told you...


What's not to like? sure, it's not a perfect emulator, but the sheer awesomeness of playing video games in math class is overwhelming. Get this program, NOW.

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Archive Contents
Name Size
GB68K/bin/gb68k.89y   11611
GB68K/bin/gb68k.89z   1095
GB68K/bin/gb68klib.89y   9043
GB68K/readme.txt   18975
GB68K/src/calc/gameboy_cpu.S   24770
GB68K/src/calc/gameboy_mem.S   51967
GB68K/src/calc/gameboy_opcodes.S   115937
GB68K/src/calc/gameboy_video.S   24568
GB68K/src/calc/gb68k.c   27106
GB68K/src/calc/gb68k.h   7499
GB68K/src/calc/gb68k.tpr   1579
GB68K/src/calc/gb68klib.tpr   1512
GB68K/src/calc/gbasm.h   3632
GB68K/src/calc/gbdll.h   266
GB68K/src/calc/gbinit.c   8156
GB68K/src/calc/gbinit.h   411
GB68K/src/calc/gblib.c   364
GB68K/src/calc/gbsetup.c   2096
GB68K/src/calc/gbsetup.h   811
GB68K/src/calc/gbsram.c   15941
GB68K/src/calc/gbsram.h   2049
GB68K/src/calc/lzfo1.h   3121
GB68K/src/calc/lzfo1_c_ti89.c   12336
GB68K/src/calc/lzfo1_conf.h   1960
GB68K/src/calc/lzfo1_d_ti89.c   6472
GB68K/src/calc/lzfo1_d_ti89.d   6472
GB68K/src/tools/GameboyConvert.cpp   4012
GB68K/src/tools/GameboyOpcode.cpp   70759
GB68K/src/tools/opcode_desc.txt   1991
GB68K/tools/GameboyConvert.exe   118784

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