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Filename grav.zip (Download)
Title grav
Description grav est un jeu au principe simple mais qui se révèle assez difficile. Effectivement, le but est de diriger une boule à travers un monde. La difficulté vient de la gravité puis des différents pièges (piques, soufflerie, jumper, gravité inverse...)
Author bobti89 (bobti89@tiscali.fr)
Category TI-89 Assembly Games (Puzzle)
File Size 3,045,941 bytes
File Date and Time Sun Jan 16 19:38:17 2005
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Michael White
Reviewed on 2005-12-15
“Grav” is an awesome game, and it is very addicting. The basic premise is that there is a ball that obeys the normal laws of gravity and inertia, but there are different tiles that influence the game. There are tiles that push the ball away from them, tiles that bump the ball away, and spiked tiles to avoid. The large variety and the 110 progressively more difficult levels make it a very addicting game, a combination of puzzle, strategy, and reflex.

Graphics: 10/10 Very nice looking.
Difficulty: 10/10 Something for every skill level.
Overall: 10/10 This is a must download for anyone with a 68k calculator.

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Archive Contents
Name Size
Grav 1.0/Ti92+, V200/GRAVLVL.9xy   28698
Grav 1.0/Ti92+, V200/GRAVLVL.v2y   28698
Grav 1.0/Ti92+, V200/grav.9xy   10568
Grav 1.0/Ti92+, V200/grav.v2y   10568
Grav 1.0/Ti92+, V200/grav.9xz   2010
Grav 1.0/Ti92+, V200/grav.v2z   2010
Grav 1.0/Ti92+, V200/source/extgraph/extgraph.h   102954
Grav 1.0/Ti92+, V200/source/extgraph/extgraph.a   320930
Grav 1.0/Ti92+, V200/source/grav.tpr   1425
Grav 1.0/Ti92+, V200/source/menu.h   4467
Grav 1.0/Ti92+, V200/source/grav.c   19250
Grav 1.0/Ti92+, V200/source/fonctions.h   21775
Grav 1.0/Ti92+, V200/source/fonctions graphiques.h   1916
Grav 1.0/Ti92+, V200/source/hachage.h   2626
Grav 1.0/Ti92+, V200/source/soufflerie.h   3518
Grav 1.0/Ti92+, V200/source/graphique.h   11243
Grav 1.0/Ti92+, V200/source/highscores.h   2880
Grav 1.0/Ti89/GRAVLVL.89Y   28698
Grav 1.0/Ti89/grav.89y   10010
Grav 1.0/Ti89/grav.89z   2010
Grav 1.0/Ti89/source/extgraph/extgraph.h   102954
Grav 1.0/Ti89/source/extgraph/extgraph.a   320930
Grav 1.0/Ti89/source/highscores.h   2860
Grav 1.0/Ti89/source/menu.h   3987
Grav 1.0/Ti89/source/grav.c   19171
Grav 1.0/Ti89/source/fonctions.h   21555
Grav 1.0/Ti89/source/fonctions graphiques.h   1861
Grav 1.0/Ti89/source/hachage.h   2622
Grav 1.0/Ti89/source/soufflerie.h   3520
Grav 1.0/Ti89/source/graphique.h   11243
Grav 1.0/Ti89/source/grav.tpr   1413
Grav 1.0/images/gravscreen1.gif   830595
Grav 1.0/images/gravscreen2.gif   339459
Grav 1.0/images/gravscreen3.gif   944001
Grav 1.0/images/titre.png   3054
Grav 1.0/images/pave6.gif   89
Grav 1.0/images/pave5.gif   89
Grav 1.0/images/pave4.gif   91
Grav 1.0/images/pave3.gif   89
Grav 1.0/images/pave2.gif   90
Grav 1.0/images/pave1.gif   92
Grav 1.0/images/zero.gif   80
Grav 1.0/images/soufflerie_haut.gif   795
Grav 1.0/images/jumper_haut.gif   652
Grav 1.0/images/jumper_droite.gif   644
Grav 1.0/images/jumper_gauche.gif   641
Grav 1.0/images/jumper_bas.gif   654
Grav 1.0/images/glace.gif   90
Grav 1.0/images/soufflerie_droite.gif   698
Grav 1.0/images/soufflerie_gauche.gif   706
Grav 1.0/images/soufflerie_bas.gif   771
Grav 1.0/images/checkpoint.gif   85
Grav 1.0/images/multipics.gif   83
Grav 1.0/images/arrivee.gif   80
Grav 1.0/images/pic_gauche.gif   87
Grav 1.0/images/pic_droite.gif   86
Grav 1.0/images/pic_bas.gif   91
Grav 1.0/images/pic_haut.gif   127
Grav 1.0/images/pics_clignotantes.gif   670
Grav 1.0/images/moins.gif   84
Grav 1.0/images/plus.gif   82
Grav 1.0/images/s.gif   85
Grav 1.0/images/pics_nb.gif   204
Grav 1.0/images/gravscreenti92.gif   674030
Grav 1.0/images/editscreen.gif   214334
Grav 1.0/Lisez-moi.html   26430
Grav 1.0/gravedit/gravedit.9xz   2010
Grav 1.0/gravedit/gravedit.89z   2010
Grav 1.0/gravedit/gravedit.v2z   2010
Grav 1.0/gravedit/source/gravedit.tpr   1220
Grav 1.0/gravedit/source/edit.o   27171
Grav 1.0/gravedit/source/graphique1.h   9813
Grav 1.0/gravedit/source/edit.c   27864
Grav 1.0/gravedit/gravedit.89y   7367
Grav 1.0/gravedit/gravedit.9xy   7373
Grav 1.0/gravedit/gravedit.v2y   7373
Grav 1.0/utilitaires/grpack.89z   1045
Grav 1.0/utilitaires/grpack.9xz   1045
Grav 1.0/utilitaires/grpack.v2z   1045
Grav 1.0/utilitaires/source/grpack.o   2183
Grav 1.0/utilitaires/source/grpack.c   1471
Grav 1.0/utilitaires/source/grpack.tpr   1143
Grav 1.0/utilitaires/source/grunpack.c   1157
Grav 1.0/utilitaires/source/grunpack.o   1854
Grav 1.0/utilitaires/source/grunpack.tpr   1185
Grav 1.0/utilitaires/grunpack.89z   784
Grav 1.0/utilitaires/grunpack.9xz   784
Grav 1.0/utilitaires/grunpack.v2z   784
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/source/grav.tpr   1431
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/source/menu.h   5235
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/source/grav.c   19762
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/source/fonctions.h   22144
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/source/fonctions graphiques.h   2076
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/source/hachage.h   2626
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/source/soufflerie.h   3518
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/source/graphique.h   11243
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/source/highscores.h   2929
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/source/extgraph/extgraph.h   102954
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/source/extgraph/extgraph.a   320930
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/source/grav.o   58178
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/grav.9xy   11167
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/grav.9xz   2010
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/grav.v2y   11167
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/grav.v2z   2010
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/GRAVLVL.9xy   28698
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/GRAVLVL.v2y   28698
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/GRAVLVL.89y   28698
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/grav.89y   11162
Grav 1.0/Compatible on calc/grav.89z   2010

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