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Review by  Andrew Moffitt
Reviewed on 2005-10-23
“ExciteBike” is quite an interesting game. It's like the original NES Version. However, it can get quite boring without a friend. The most fun thing I've done is creating an "Amazing Race" with the custom track editor, then playing against a friend. (Only thing missing is the $1,000,000 prize!) You can try something like that. Overall, this game gets a 9/10.

Graphics: 10/10 - 100% replica for graphics
Gameplay: 8/10 - Selection B inaccuracy with AI, but offers muliti-player mode (w/out AI)
Concept: 10/10 - Very faithful to the original.
Memory: 9/10 - Not a scary-sized file.
Game Value: 9/10 - I love the fact that you can still create your own courses.

Review by  Element Fire
Reviewed on 2005-03-19
This "boost blast from the past" (that corny phrase is from “Burnout 3”, by the way) is a faithful recreation without all the noise. The single player is passable, with the only goals being First to Third place, but the multiplayer really shines. Hardly any lag or connection issues; the only thing missing is AI in link-play.

However, since there is no "catch-up" mechanism (this port is faithful to the original), and since there is no AI in link-play, one tiny slip-up or overheat will lead to your opponent zipping past you and staying there until he/she makes a mistake, which is unlikely.

“ExciteBike” also comes with a built-in track editor. Multiplayer modes are varied, and your custom tracks can be played, too. Performing tricks while racing cuts down your total time, but it could be made easier to pull off these tricks.

Overall, this game is excellent. It's staying permanently on my Titanium.

+ Good
- Bad
? Perplexing

+ Smooth graphics
+ Link play
+ Hardly any lag in above-mentioned link play
+ AI in offline play
- No AI in online play
- Too hard to pull off tricks
? What's up with your passing more AI than initially at the start line?

8.7/10.0 Great.

Review by  Jonathan Katz
Reviewed on 2004-06-06
After the graphics from the screenshots of "ExciteBike 68k" got my attention, I immediately decided that I must try it out for myself. Initially, I thought "ExciteBike" was just a demonstration of how the 89 could support some pretty looking games. The shading and depth of the graphics was just absolutely amazing, coupled with a very smooth gameplay speed as well (Though it does slow down a little when you have more bikes on the track). However, it didn't really get me addicted right off the bat.

That suddenly changed.

I'm not sure what did it, my passion to try and beat the fastest times or the built-in track editor, but suddenly I just had to keep playing "ExciteBike." After discovering that doing flips gives takes three seconds off your elapsed time (Thus making me realize that the fastest times were beatable), the game had new meaning. I was no longer causing my bike to go high into the air off of beautiful looking jumps and showing my friends how graphically sound "ExciteBike" was. I became one of the little cyclists, racing against the clock, trying to show that I could get the first place ranking (Which I did on Track1 as of when I wrote this)! I had to make sure that I wasn't using the Turbo gear for too long, causing my bike to overheat and wait off along the side of the road (Which is very frustrating when the "Finish" ramp is right in front of you). My flips had to be angled correctly, or my rider would be heading for a fall and a long walk back to the bike. Losing would only make me want to try and beat the record more, and I spent several math and physics classes just trying to accomplish this.

Yet I find that what draws me back to “ExciteBike” is the built-in track editor. The ability to make your own tracks is just awesome. I’ve enjoyed trying to make really challenging tracks, and then trying to beat my own high scores. Not only that, the track files automatically archive to your memory and take up relatively little space. I’m hoping that at some point people will start submitting their custom made tracks to ticalc.

Overall, I think that you should definitely try out “ExciteBike,” if not to see some pretty graphics on a 68K calc, then to try out a cleverly designed and very fun game.

Review by  Adrian Anderson
Reviewed on 2004-05-21
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

“Excitebike” is exciting and fun, even if you only have five minutes to spare. Since I downloaded it a few days ago, I have played “Excitebike” almost nonstop. The gameplay is short and sweet, while still being difficult enough that you can't beat it instantly. The on-calc track editor is a wonderful feature that much the game that much more enjoyable.

The gameplay goes like this: your bike can move up and down between the four tracks. Jumping over ramps will allow you to perform cool flips, but at a high risk of crashing. You can hold the turbo down for more speed, but holding it too long forces you to stop and let the engine cool down. The graphics are smooth and the objects are easily recognizable. If only it had sound and color like the original for NES...

Overall, this game is most definitely worth a download, at least to impress your friends ("Whoa, is that ‘Excitebike?’ Awesome!").

Review by  Ryan Scadding
Reviewed on 2004-05-21
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

“Excitebike” is an awesome game. The graphics are great and the gameplay is fast and smooth. Other than having more tracks and maybe a different high score file for when you are using cheats, there isn't much, I think, that could be added. This is a great remake of the NES Excitebike (though I've only played the original a few times). This has been the only game I’ve been playing for the past couple days. Also, I haven't come across any bugs or glitches. The calculator hasn't frozen at all on this game, making it nice and stable. I said before that the game could use more tracks, but the game does include a great track editor for making your own tracks. The editor interface isn't totally intuitive, but it is still great.

Overall, this is an awesome game!!! Even though there are a couple of things that could be slightly better in this game, they are few, minor, and this is only v0.55. I would give this game a 10/10. I think “Excitebike” is definitely a game that you should keep on your calculator.

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