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ExciteBike 68k v0.64


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Filename excitebike68k.zip (Download)
Title ExciteBike 68k v0.64
Description This game is a clone of the well-known NES Excitebike dirtbike racing game. Race to achieve records and unlock secrets while avoiding hazardous terrain and catching air on a variety of jumps. Features include Two-Player link races, gameplay/tracks identical to the original, built-in Track Editor, ability to perform flips, French and German versions included, well structured C source code included, Runs Fast and Smooth on HW1 and HW2 68k Calcs, and the graphics are awesome. The game will run on all 68k calcs, including the Ti-89 Titanium.
Author Travis Fischer (fisch0920@yahoo.com)
Category TI-89 Assembly Games (Arcade/Racing)
File Size 335,139 bytes
File Date and Time Tue Jun 1 09:35:57 2004
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Andrew Moffitt
Reviewed on 2005-10-23
“ExciteBike” is quite an interesting game. It's like the original NES Version. However, it can get quite boring without a friend. The most fun thing I've done is creating an "Amazing Race" with the custom track editor, then playing against a friend. (Only thing missing is the $1,000,000 prize!) You can try something like that. Overall, this game gets a 9/10.

Graphics: 10/10 - 100% replica for graphics
Gameplay: 8/10 - Selection B inaccuracy with AI, but offers muliti-player mode (w/out AI)
Concept: 10/10 - Very faithful to the original.
Memory: 9/10 - Not a scary-sized file.
Game Value: 9/10 - I love the fact that you can still create your own courses.

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Archive Contents
Name Size
ExciteBike/README/English.html   16185
ExciteBike/README/French.html   18418
ExciteBike/README/History.txt   13753
ExciteBike/README/Readme (Deutsch).txt   17281
ExciteBike/README/Readme (English).txt   14029
ExciteBike/README/Readme (French).txt   13252
ExciteBike/README/Screens/Background.jpg   2614
ExciteBike/README/Screens/screen.bmp   64054
ExciteBike/README/Screens/screen10.bmp   64054
ExciteBike/README/Screens/screen11.bmp   64054
ExciteBike/README/Screens/screen12.bmp   64054
ExciteBike/README/Screens/screen2.bmp   64054
ExciteBike/README/Screens/screen3.bmp   64054
ExciteBike/README/Screens/screen4.bmp   64054
ExciteBike/README/Screens/screen5.bmp   64054
ExciteBike/README/Screens/screen6.bmp   64054
ExciteBike/README/Screens/screen7.bmp   64054
ExciteBike/README/Screens/screen8.bmp   64054
ExciteBike/README/Screens/screen9.bmp   64054
ExciteBike/README/Summary.txt   546
ExciteBike/Source/All.h   989
ExciteBike/Source/Bikes.c   38510
ExciteBike/Source/Built-In Tracks/main.excitrck.89y   1112
ExciteBike/Source/Built-In Tracks/Save.c   4998
ExciteBike/Source/Built-In Tracks/Save.o   7754
ExciteBike/Source/Built-In Tracks/Save.s   47501
ExciteBike/Source/Built-In Tracks/SaveTracks.89z   6495
ExciteBike/Source/Built-In Tracks/SaveTracks.tpr   1057
ExciteBike/Source/Built-In Tracks/Tracks.h   12260
ExciteBike/Source/CGraySprite8_OR_R.s   1745
ExciteBike/Source/Data.h   26967
ExciteBike/Source/Definitions.h   8741
ExciteBike/Source/Editor.c   16721
ExciteBike/Source/ExciteBK.tpr   2222
ExciteBike/Source/External.c   2128
ExciteBike/Source/faststr.h   7513
ExciteBike/Source/FS_DrawString.s   3685
ExciteBike/Source/FS_InvertString.s   3459
ExciteBike/Source/Game.c   17628
ExciteBike/Source/Globals.h   1275
ExciteBike/Source/Graphics.h   26815
ExciteBike/Source/Interface.c   17428
ExciteBike/Source/Languages.h   1059
ExciteBike/Source/Link.c   8262
ExciteBike/Source/MAIN.c   10266
ExciteBike/Source/Misc.c   8559
ExciteBike/Source/Modes.c   10668
ExciteBike/Source/ScrollLib.c   9873
ExciteBike/Source/Structures.h   4555
ExciteBike/Source/Terrain.h   31213
ExciteBike/Source/TerrainDark.h   52567
ExciteBike/Ti-89 Ti-92plus v200/Deutsch/ExciteBK.89y   29352
ExciteBike/Ti-89 Ti-92plus v200/Deutsch/ExciteBK.89z   1774
ExciteBike/Ti-89 Ti-92plus v200/English/ExciteBK.89y   29133
ExciteBike/Ti-89 Ti-92plus v200/English/ExciteBK.89z   1774
ExciteBike/Ti-89 Ti-92plus v200/French/ExciteBK.89y   29256
ExciteBike/Ti-89 Ti-92plus v200/French/ExciteBK.89z   1774
ExciteBike/Ti-89 Titanium/Deutsch/ExciteBK.89y   29352
ExciteBike/Ti-89 Titanium/Deutsch/ExciteBK-Titanium.89z   1694
ExciteBike/Ti-89 Titanium/English/ExciteBK.89y   29133
ExciteBike/Ti-89 Titanium/English/ExciteBK-Titanium.89z   1694
ExciteBike/Ti-89 Titanium/French/ExciteBK.89y   29256
ExciteBike/Ti-89 Titanium/French/ExciteBK-Titanium.89z   1694

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