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Review by  John Doe
Reviewed on 2005-10-06
I would like to add to what the last reviewer said. The most appealing aspect to this game is its memory requirements. Almost the same as Mario, which means you will be able to have more games now. This game is remarkably small for a good RPG. Try it now.

Review by  Jason Dunn
Reviewed on 2004-09-12
I give “Joltima” an excellent 9/10. The game mixes excellent graphics (for a calculator) with wonderful gameplay and storyline. This is definitely one of the best RPG style games that I have played for the TI83+.

There are several things that I think make the graphics unique. First, the walking and attacking animations are extremely smooth. The animations are not complicated, but easily understood for the user. Second, you can only see what your character "sees." For example, you can not see around walls or around mountains (in the world map).

The only thing that I would improve about the game is the appearance of enemies. Sometimes if you take three steps outside, a group of enemies pops up and attacks you. And then other times, I won’t see an enemy for 200 steps. However, with the many features offered through this program, “Joltima” is a great bet for anyone who likes RPGs. Again, I loved this program and I give it a 9/10. Download it now!

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