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Review by  Alex Snyder
Reviewed on 2005-08-25
If you have an 83 Plus, “AOE” is not worth downloading. Unless you have a lot of archive memory free, you will be spending more time garbage collecting than playing. Even if you have the archive memory to prevent this, the game is hardly an improvement over its menu-based cousins. The graphical display is not a real map - there is no terrain, and you can not select or move units. It is nothing but a fancy menu for selecting which building to build or research at, or to stare at while waiting for resources to increase. The rest of the game is spent in generic menus for all the real strategy that goes on. In conclusion, don't bother downloading The Age of Calcs.

Controls - 3/10
Graphics - 3/10
Gameplay - 6/10
Overall - 4/10

Review by  Ben L
Reviewed on 2005-08-12
This, I have to say, is quite a well-done port, however lacking in graphics it may be. But as with most any other game, there are some "nuisances." For instance, the cursor moves along at a very pokey rate, but all the more reason to use the included hotkeys. Another nuisance is when you go to attack the enemy. The attack system seems way too random. (ex. you'll march over to your computer-controlled enemy with 10 infantry and 8 cavalry, and maybe a few siege. Suppose the enemy has only 4 infantry. Every time I've played in a situation like this, I've lost my battles. The system needs to be based more on what technologies have been researched and how many military units you have.)

There are only two resources (food & gold), but this simplifies the game greatly. If you're a gamer looking for graphics, I recommend you check out this game's 2-player version. But if you don't have a pal willing to play with you, this game is definitely worth a download.

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