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Review by  Nathan Dykhuis
Reviewed on 2004-10-11
“Space Dementia II” is beautiful. The graphics are true 3D, with shadows, stars in the background, explosions and everything. The flight controls, while somewhat strange on "arcade” mode, are superb on "simulation” mode, where the spaceship flies just like an airplane. Both one-player and two-player modes are excellent. The enemy in one-player mode is smart; it will attack, flee, defend and dodge. The “Star Wars” themed ships look great.

More ships, and possibly user-created ships, as in “Space Dementia I,” would be a great addition to this game. Also, it would be nice to have multiple enemies in one-player mode, or perhaps cycle the enemy ships so you're not always fighting the same type of ship.

Right now, this game deserves a 10. With a few additions, it could be even better.

Review by  Dan
Reviewed on 2004-04-01
Cool game. The graphics are amazing; great improvement from the original Space Dementia in that it now uses solid figures. Though it is the best [and only] 3D simulation program I have ever seen (those flat FPS games don't count, they are just 2D with 3D graphics, but this is still better), it could use some improvements in the rotation.

The only thing that bothers me is that the rotation uses an axis-on-axis scheme, which does not conform to the point of view of the craft. Whichever way the craft is facing, L/R always rotate the craft around the same fixed axis; where this rotates the craft horizontally, it just spins when the elevation is at +/- 90 degrees. I still say it is a nice job. I have YET to see ANYBODY make a 3D program that actually uses true-rotation with an abstract rotation scheme; there are no resources, so this is almost the best anybody knows how to or can do; with that in mind, this program is excellent (but if you can fix the rotation, please do).

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