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Space Dementia II mod arena v0.3


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Filename sdii.zip (Download)
Title Space Dementia II mod arena v0.3
Description A space fighting game in real-time 3D with lighting which works with my FlatSpin 3D engine, multiplayer (via link cable) and now SINGLEPLAYER ! You simply have to destroy your opponent (AI or player) with your laser weapons to win. The same program works on TI-89, TI-92+ and V200 with adapted keys, to make it easier to diffuse. Many new features in this version : reparing building, back view, different cameras and news ships...
Author Thibaut Chevalier (moitib_calliope@hotmail.com)
Category TI-89 Assembly Games (Arcade/Shooters)
File Size 163,153 bytes
File Date and Time Mon Dec 8 01:01:12 2003
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  Nathan Dykhuis
Reviewed on 2004-10-11
“Space Dementia II” is beautiful. The graphics are true 3D, with shadows, stars in the background, explosions and everything. The flight controls, while somewhat strange on "arcade” mode, are superb on "simulation” mode, where the spaceship flies just like an airplane. Both one-player and two-player modes are excellent. The enemy in one-player mode is smart; it will attack, flee, defend and dodge. The “Star Wars” themed ships look great.

More ships, and possibly user-created ships, as in “Space Dementia I,” would be a great addition to this game. Also, it would be nice to have multiple enemies in one-player mode, or perhaps cycle the enemy ships so you're not always fighting the same type of ship.

Right now, this game deserves a 10. With a few additions, it could be even better.

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Archive Contents
Name Size
Space Dementia II v0.3/Documentation/Lisez-moi beta 0.3.htm   18503
Space Dementia II v0.3/Documentation/Readme beta 0.3.htm   15907
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/AsmGrayLine.s   948
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/AsmCpyScr.s   5464
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/decor.h   3066
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/alloc.h   688
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/alloc.c   3204
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/link.h   284
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/missiles.h   682
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/titlepic.h   41774
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/link.c   16314
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/var.c   114
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/cockpit.h   278
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/cockpit.c   12046
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/ships.h   15698
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/shipcmd.h   416
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/AsmGrayTri.s   18406
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/3Dengine.h   1273
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/const.h   4031
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/game.c   30687
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/missiles.c   7344
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/main.h   6374
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/shipcmd.c   19714
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/2Dengine.h   596
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/3Dengine.c   38654
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/2Dengine.c   8397
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/fastsqrt.c   4166
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/main.c   4757
Space Dementia II v0.3/Source/SDII.tpr   1826
Space Dementia II v0.3/Bin/TI-89/SDII.89y   27463
Space Dementia II v0.3/Bin/TI-89/SDII.89z   1720
Space Dementia II v0.3/Bin/TI-92+/SDII.9xy   27463
Space Dementia II v0.3/Bin/TI-92+/SDII.9xz   1720
Space Dementia II v0.3/Bin/V200/SDII.v2y   27463
Space Dementia II v0.3/Bin/V200/SDII.v2z   1720

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