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Review by  Christopher Chancellor
Reviewed on 2006-10-11
I'm very impressed with the Artificial Intelligence built in to "Connect 4", which is equal to, if not superior to, other game programs that have attempted this AI. I also like the tic-tac-toe version of the game - a very good idea - even though the author did not add AI into that version as well. The game uses a fool-proof keypad system so that even the most novice users can operate it.

I recommend this program to everyone who's tired of playing the same old games everyday and wants something more addictive. This game was so addictive, in fact, that my biology teacher took my calculator from me during class because I couldn't take my eyes off the screen (I still haven't got it back yet)!

Overall rating: 8/10

Review by  Steve Moog
Reviewed on 2004-02-23
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

Connect 4, the good old fun game from when I was younger...

Okay, enough memories for now, on to the review:

Graphics - 5/10

Not many here, not many needed. All there really is are circles and the "board".

Controls - 6/10

Descent, but not great. Choosing the settings and choosing where to put your chip is all you have to do as far as controls go.

Attention Span - 7/10

I played this one for a few days before I got tired of it. It's attention span greatly increases if you have someone to play it with. With the mini-tic-tac-toe game on it as well, you'll play it for a few days as well.

Overall - 6/10

Descent one-player game, good multi-player game. If the AI were anywhere near good, it would be much more fun. It does include a little tic-tac-toe like game which increases the time it will be on your calc.

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