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Review by  nick bugaev
Reviewed on 2009-12-26
Gameplay- smooth ship placement with user friendly target control and easy to pickup for any battleship fan. 10/10

Memory- a reasonable size for this type of game. 9/10

Creativity- not many new things but great home screen. 7/10

File- descriptive readme, GUI included for the 2nd programs. 10/10

Graphics- Perfect. 10/10

Controls- very user friendly and no confusions. 10/10

Overall- The only battleship game I'd recommend to those math class gamers. 10/10

Suggestions- If you sink a ship, maybe show a little animation of it sinking or a BOOM sceen.


Review by  Tony Ramirez
Reviewed on 2005-12-06
“Battleship” is an awesome game with incredible graphics, speed, and gameplay. “Easy” is great for the first time player, “Medium” good for the guy who has played BS a couple of times, and “Hard” will keep you busy for a while. Great for classes where the teachers check if you are paying attention; it is a human-paced game. Two player also works nicely.

Gameplay: 10/10
Speed: 10/10
Size: 8/10
Graphics: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Review by  David Tao
Reviewed on 2005-04-17
This is one of the best games out for 83-plus. Graphics, ship placement, and one or two-player options make this game totally awesome. Controls and gameplay are just like the real "Battleship", and give the game a really good feel.

Overall: 10/10 (download this)

Review by  Floyd Maseda
Reviewed on 2004-06-23
“Battleship 2.0” is a great program. It is just like the board game of the 90s. The only things that are missing are the ships on the side of the screen showing which ships you have sunk. If “Battleship 2.0” had this, I think it would the best game for “MirageOS” ever.

Overall rating: 8/10.

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