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Arena 3D v0.65b (89/89T/92+/v200)


Ranked as 62 on our all-time top downloads list with 94836 downloads.
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Filename arena3d.zip (Download)
Title Arena 3D v0.65b (89/89T/92+/v200)
Description This is version v0.65 of Arena 3D (now TITANIUM COMPATIBLE and recompiled with TIGCC .95 Final), by Malcolm Smith. This game is a clone of First Person Shooters like Unreal Tournament (R) and Quake III (R), especially the Rocket Arena mod. You just try to kill all of the enemies to get points. You can battle against 0 to 5 bots, and set the frag (kill) limit to whatever you want. You can also change the bot skill, which affects their accuracy. Currently, everyone only has a rocket launcher, unless it's Instagib (instant hit) mode. In addition to turning, strafing, and firing, you have two bonus moves: Speed Up (which doubles movement and turning speed), and Hit Find (which turns you to face where the last shot that hit you came from). The 3D rendering part of this game is courtesy of the FAT Engine, by Thomas Nussbaumer. This package includes an on-calc level editor and documentation. The SDK (separate- contains outdated game source, use this source) is mainly for PC level editing. TITANIUM USERS-HW3PATCH REQUIRED. Sorry for the 2nd update so soon, the original v0.65 had an old FAT Engine component that was Titanium-incompatible.
Author Malcolm Smith (m@malcolm-s.net)
Category TI-89 Assembly Games (First-person Shooters)
File Size 412,796 bytes
File Date and Time Sat Nov 20 04:05:11 2004
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes



Review by  TI Freakware
Reviewed on 2008-06-13
This game was a perfect ten for me, I found the gameplay to be smooth, easy to figure out, and most importantly fun. Who couldn't have fun blasting an array of random characters into oblivion? With two weapons choices, several bot difficulty levels, up to 5 bots, and a couple of different modes of play, including !capture the flag! this game has it all. Beautiful grayscale graphics and speed like most calc FPS's can't dream of.

I played this game for hours at a time sometimes. The bots AI is excellent. On top of all this, this game even has a level editor, and on top of that, the editor is packaged up in a self installer, so it's very easy to use. If you have got a TI-89, TI-92+ or a Voyage 200, you are seriously missing out if you don't download this.

Although, it could use a few more weapons.

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Archive Contents
Name Size
arena3d/bin89/a3dgfx1.89y   42589
arena3d/bin89/a3dgfx2.89y   46249
arena3d/bin89/a3dgfx3.89y   12357
arena3d/bin89/a3dmaps.89y   6051
arena3d/bin89/arena.89y   20355
arena3d/bin89/arena.89z   2010
arena3d/bin89/barrett.89y   1123
arena3d/bin89/editor/a3dedit.89y   7297
arena3d/bin89/editor/a3dedit.89z   2010
arena3d/bin89/editor/a3dsets.89z   5407
arena3d/bin89/fatlib.89y   55773
arena3d/bin89/runarena.89p   148
arena3d/bin92p/a3dgfx1.9xy   42589
arena3d/bin92p/a3dgfx2.9xy   46249
arena3d/bin92p/a3dgfx3.9xy   12357
arena3d/bin92p/a3dmaps.9xy   6051
arena3d/bin92p/arena.9xy   20355
arena3d/bin92p/arena.9xz   2010
arena3d/bin92p/barrett.9xy   1123
arena3d/bin92p/editor/a3dedit.9xy   7297
arena3d/bin92p/editor/a3dedit.9xz   2010
arena3d/bin92p/editor/a3dsets.9xz   5407
arena3d/bin92p/fatlib.9xy   55773
arena3d/bin92p/runarena.92p   148
arena3d/editor_readme.html   3723
arena3d/license.txt   2633
arena3d/readme.html   12649
arena3d/readme.txt   8496
arena3d/readme_gfx/tileset_ctf.jpg   1864
arena3d/readme_gfx/tileset_dm.jpg   1856
arena3d/src/a3dedit.c   11965
arena3d/src/a3dedit.tpr   1659
arena3d/src/a3dedit.v2y   7297
arena3d/src/a3dedit.v2z   2010
arena3d/src/a3dsets.c   5051
arena3d/src/a3dsets.tpr   1371
arena3d/src/a3dsets.v2z   5407
arena3d/src/ai.h   21228
arena3d/src/arena.tpr   1809
arena3d/src/arena.v2y   20355
arena3d/src/arena.v2z   2010
arena3d/src/arena3d.c   6174
arena3d/src/bg.txt   255
arena3d/src/bg_proto.txt   67
arena3d/src/build_all.bat   1155
arena3d/src/conv_sel.bat   34
arena3d/src/copy_editor.bat   487
arena3d/src/copy_game.bat   548
arena3d/src/defs.h   6621
arena3d/src/del_copies.bat   100
arena3d/src/edit_draw.c   1016
arena3d/src/edit_draw.h   136
arena3d/src/edit_globals.c   533
arena3d/src/edit_globals.h   715
arena3d/src/exclude_game.txt   120
arena3d/src/exclude_sdk.txt   9
arena3d/src/extgraph.a   56938
arena3d/src/extgraph.h   30840
arena3d/src/fat.h   36824
arena3d/src/finalize_editor.bat   436
arena3d/src/finalize_setmaker.bat   235
arena3d/src/folder.txt   40
arena3d/src/gametypes.h   3933
arena3d/src/gfx.h   22879
arena3d/src/includes.h   1421
arena3d/src/indent_source.bat   193
arena3d/src/indices.h   534
arena3d/src/i_a3dgfx1.h   1841
arena3d/src/i_a3dgfx2.h   3830
arena3d/src/i_a3dgfx3.h   1204
arena3d/src/keyscan_edit.c   1281
arena3d/src/keyscan_edit.h   613
arena3d/src/keytables.h   1055
arena3d/src/levmenu.h   2455
arena3d/src/levmenu_.h   1666
arena3d/src/levstruct.h   321
arena3d/src/lvlfind.h   1218
arena3d/src/lvlfind_.h   1304
arena3d/src/make_file.h   1521
arena3d/src/map.h   3658
arena3d/src/player.h   5076
arena3d/src/player2.h   5500
arena3d/src/rayline.h   1835
arena3d/src/release.bat   1731
arena3d/src/rocket.h   11124
arena3d/src/save.h   2632
arena3d/src/sys.h   24114
arena3d/src/tileset.c   5703
arena3d/src/tileset.h   376
arena3d/src/ttstart_arena.c   24221
arena3d/src/ttunpack.h   9489
arena3d/src/utils.c   11872
arena3d/src.zip   94744
arena3d/ss/1.gif   2285
arena3d/ss/2.gif   1309
arena3d/ss/3.gif   618
arena3d/ss/4.gif   1880
arena3d/ss/5.gif   1388
arena3d/ss/6.gif   1950
arena3d/ss/7.gif   1643
arena3d/ss/8.gif   1351
arena3d/ss/9.gif   749
arena3d/tools/finalize.bat   63
arena3d/tools/FolderChg.dev   261
arena3d/tools/FolderChg.exe   5632
arena3d/tools/FolderChg_Main.c   1481

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