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StarDust 2: Sweet Revenge


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Filename stardust.zip (Download)
Title StarDust 2: Sweet Revenge
Description (UPDATE: Fixed memory error in chapter4 by adding memory error detection. This hasn't been tested, please tell me how it goes...) Sequel to Stardust v1.X. You and your people Celebrated for the defeat of Stardust. But this celebration did not last too long. Two years later, another threat envelop among Zion citizens. It's Stardust, not again! But this time he brought his friends with him! Can you save the world from the evil Stardust this time? Let's find out... This game contains full-length movie with an intro movie that goes with the music, 4 chapters of battles (3 different opponents each), all new types of weapons and attacks, tug-of-war battle system, and many more. Visit our homepage at alienhead.calc.org
Author Hitoshi Koizumi (TIgamehelp@comcast.net)
Category TI-83 BASIC Games (Role-playing)
File Size 86,342 bytes
File Date and Time Sun Sep 9 03:46:16 2001
Documentation Included? Yes



Review by  Ryan Aycock
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 5/10 Repetitive fighting with enemies
Controls: 4/10 Just press numbers and [ENTER]
Implementation: 7/10 Effective animation, numerous files
Overall: 6/10 Too many grouped files

In what is perhaps the most graphical program ever released in BASIC, Hitoshi Koizumi's Stardust proves that is possible to write an entertaining game that still holds some speed. In this space odyssey, which the author claims is largest 83 file ever made, the user plays the part of the last remaining fighter pilot in the battle of good versus evil.

Although Stardust is entertaining, it is nothing more than movies and graphical menus. It's like Drug Wars, but with pictures. The author may have taken time to make a long and well thought out intro, but the story quickly drops from there. At one point, you are even prompted for your name so that it could be used in the tale. There is one problem with this, however. You have to reset your memory after the intro to make space for part one (of four) of the game itself. Your name is never uttered again.

This PG-13 program contains numerous grammar mistakes as well as profanity. At many points during the movies I wanted to scream out because of the egregious mistakes in text.

Mr. Koizumi may have tapped into something with this program, though. There could be many movie-only programs in future. The author's method of condensing text is well done. And the use of programs that require multiple grouped files will some become common.

If you have constant access to a Graph Link and don't mind sitting through long movies, I suggest you give Stardust a try. However, be prepared to take on a tough challenge (the author had to re-release Stardust because it was too hard the first time) in order to see the password-required ending.


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Archive Contents
Name Size
SShot4.gif   685
SShot2.gif   567
SShot3.gif   606
SShot1.gif   528
StarDust_2/Readme_SD2.rtf   17760
StarDust_2/Readme_SD2.txt   7531
StarDust_2/Movies/MOVIE2.83G   20651
StarDust_2/Movies/MOVIE1.83G   22376
StarDust_2/Movies/Intro/Intro_readme.txt   1430
StarDust_2/Movies/Intro/Stardust2.mid   57208
StarDust_2/Movies/Intro/Intro_movie.83b   17443
StarDust_2/Movies/Endings/Ending_readme.txt   938
StarDust_2/Movies/Endings/ENDLOST.83G   15256
StarDust_2/Movies/Endings/ENDHAPPY.83G   14844
StarDust_2/Chapters/CHAPTER4.83G   22268
StarDust_2/Chapters/CHAPTER3.83G   20809
StarDust_2/Chapters/CHAPTER1.83G   21398
StarDust_2/Chapters/CHAPTER2.83G   20923
StarDust_2/Cheat/CHEAT.83G   576
StarDust_2/Cheat/Cheat_readme.txt   337
StarDust_2/Upcoming/PokemonvsDigimon.bmp   82802
StarDust_2/Upcoming/Upcoming.txt   2437

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