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Nikky Southerland

[United States]

[Picture of Nikky] Nikky discovered graphing calculators when he was instructed to acquire a TI-83+ for algebra in 8th grade. He quickly became enamored with the idea of games and programming when a teacher suggested buying a TI-Graphlink. After an initial flourish of activity consisting of low-quality BASIC menu quest games along with some rudimentary ASM, Nikky got distrated and graduated from the University of Washington with a liberal arts degree. The 83+ has since stopped operating, but he now owns a TI-89T, HP-10BII, and TI-30X IIS.

In his spare time he enjoys blogging, Photography, helping run #tcpa, breaking his computer through the power of Linux, arguing about things he doesn't care about, adding way too many URLs in a body of text, and politics. Nikky detests overhead lighting, people who use semicolons, and desktop environments that start with the letter "k."

He currently works as a software engineer, and is thankful for the support the TI Graphing Calculator community has given him throughout the years.

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