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biologyfolder TI-89 BASIC Science Programs (Biology)
chemistryfolder TI-89 BASIC Science Programs (Chemistry)
electricityfolder TI-89 BASIC Science Programs (Electricity)
physicsfolder TI-89 BASIC Science Programs (Physics)
unitconvfolder TI-89 BASIC Science Programs (Unit Converters)
antennacreator.zip1k09-07-15File is not ratedAntenna Creator
This simple program will calculate single element antenna lengths based on two frequencies that the user inputs. It can create 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, and full wave lengths.
arma2d_eng.zip276k02-11-13File is not ratedArma2d v3.0
Civil engineering program for the analysis of determinant and indeterminant Plane Trusses. Calculates displacements, reactions, axial forces and members stresses using matrix methods. Also, you can plot the geometry, displcements and the animation of the structure
arma2d_esp89.zip27k02-03-19File is not ratedarma2d_esp
Este programa calcula los desplazamientos, reacciones y fuerzas axiales de una armadura o cercha determinada o indeterminada
arma2d.zip334k02-08-28File is not ratedArma2d v3.0
Programa de Ingenieria civil para el analisis estructural de armaduras planas. Permite combinaciones de carga como cargas puntuales, desplazamientos forzados, cambios de temperatura y longitudes incorrectas. Calcula desplazamientos, reacciones y fuerzas y esfuerzos axiales de los elementos. Esta nueva version ademas grafica los desplazamientos al igual que los anima.
asser.zip2k02-03-02File is not ratedAsser v1.00
[French] Programme déstiné aux étudiants en classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles d'ingénieurs. Fonctions: Critère de Routh et Calcul de l'erreur d'un système asservi.
autocatastroti.zip2198k16-04-30File is not ratedAutoCatastro TI-2.05
Programa para cálculo topográfico en calculadoras Texas TI-89 Titanium y Voyage™ 200, entre sus opciones presenta: administrador de proyectos, cálculo de levantamientos de campo, compensaciones de levantamientos por el método de mínimos cuadrados, entrada de coordenadas, cálculo de intersecciones, exportación e importación de puntos en formato texto, cálculo de áreas y derroteros, reporte listado de coordenadas, ploteo de puntos, ajuste de áreas predeterminadas, cálculo de tarifas y utilitarios para la región de Costa Rica.
bda.zip48k12-06-17File is not ratedBlock Diagram Model Simulator
Block diagram algebra simulator for TI89, TI92P and Voyage. Simulates continuous and discrete dynamical systems described by a block diagram algebra model like Simulink. Unlike the Simulink do it symbolically and return the resulting response of the system as an algebraic expression instead of a numerically calculated response. That’s useful when you are about to manipulate with the system response through equations further. Particularly exams and tests where there is necessary to write the results down on paper as an expression and where you are barely supposed to have an instrument do it for you so you every time leave an impression of doing it by your head and hand. Draw a chart of the response interpreted as an expression is a fundamental feature of these calculators.
bhasoferlind.zip1k10-06-08File is not ratedreliability index b Hasofer-Lind by iteration
calculating reliability index b Hasofer-Lind by iteration.
bodeplot.zip2k99-12-08File is not ratedBode Diagrams
Magnitude and Angle plots on a splitted screen.
bode.zip3k99-02-28File is not ratedBode 89 v1.0
This is a program for calculation of bode coefficients. It does not draw a graph but it does all the other stuff. Bode is used in Regulator teknics. It s perhaps more scientific, I don t know. We use it in class
boltcirc.zip1k06-01-14File is not ratedBolt Circle
Industrial surveying program. This program hits every aspect there is to a bolt circle. Get coordinates to each bolt, bolt chords, angle and distance to each bolt from an instrument location, distance from bolt(1) to bolt(#), even draws a pretty picture when your bolt circle center is N.0, E.0 and radius is smaller than 10. This program is a must have for all surveyors coming over to the TI world of surveying.
boylelaw_lib68k.zip1k03-05-29File is not ratedBoyle's Law Solver (Lib68k)
You simply pick 1 of the 4 variables to solve for and input the other 3 values. The screenshot (made w/ CalcCapture) gives an example from the 92+. You'll need to d/l lib68k seperately from: http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/286/28615.html for it to work properly.
chaos.zip2k00-04-05File is not ratedChaos Theory Programs
Various Examples of Chaos Theory
chi2gau.zip2k03-03-05File is not ratedChi Square Test for Gauss Distribution
This program calculate the chi-square of a distribution respect a normal (Gauss) curve.
chisqr.zip1k03-03-05File is not ratedChi Square Test Generic
This program calculates the chi-square of a distribution. You have to insert the number of intervals, then the experimental value and the theoretically predict value.
civil.zip22k04-05-25File is not ratedCivil Engineering
This is a group of programs made to help in RCC and Structure solveing.It includes Slab Design,Beam Design,Shear,Coloum Design,Footing Desing,Gurder Design,Stair Design and Design of etaining wall.Where in Strucutre it handels with Flexibility Method for Beams and Frams,Stiffness Method for Beams and Frams,Finite Method for Truses,and Shape Factor...
colebrook.zip3k09-08-11File is not ratedColebrook
ENGLISH: This function solves the Colebrook equation for the Darcy–Weisbach friction factor using Newton-Raphson method with Haaland as initial guess. TI-89, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200 and TI-89 Titanium compatible. ESPAÑOL: Esta funcion resuelve la ecuacion de Colebrook para el factor de friccion de Darcy–Weisbach usando el metodo de Newton-Raphson con Haaland como aproximacion inicial. Compatible con TI-89, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200 y TI-89 Titanium.
computer.zip2k04-01-24File is not ratedHard Drive Formatted Capacity Computer
This is a utility to compute the formatted capacity of a computer hard drive given the manufacturer's stated capacity. It can also perform the inverse conversion - that is, given the formatted capacity, find the manufacturer's stated capacity. Reuploaded because of a problem where TI Connect for Windows couldn't read the program file - now fixed.
constellaltion.zip4k01-03-25File is not ratedConstellation
Il s'agit d'un simulateur de Gravitation. Placer vos corps dans un repere, assigner leur une masse , un vecteur position et vitesse initiale et lance la Simluation !!!
control.zip11k01-06-04File is not ratedControl Theory Toolbox v1.1
The Control Theory Toolbox 1.1 is a collection of functions and programs to aid in solving control theory problems on the TI-89 and TI-92+ calculators. Bode and Nyquist plots can be generated, and there are functions to find poles and zeros, and calculate the vector margin. Gains and tranfer functions are expressed in the form they are commonly written on the blackboard, for example: 1/s and (s^2+s+1)/(s+3)(s+5).
crosshidraulic.zip18k10-06-08File is not ratedCross Hidraulico
Method of hardy cross for hidraulica circuit
cst124.zip496k04-03-08File is not ratedControl System Toolbox for TI-89 release 1.2.4
This is a bug-fixed release for Control System Toolbox release 1.2.3
cst.zip268k05-11-02File rated 8.44Control System Toolbox r1.3
CST r1.3 is a suite for Control Systems Analysis, Design and Tuning. CST features Continuous and Discrete Time Transfer Functions, Time Delay, Bode, Nyquist, Root Locus and Step Response Plots, Laplace and Zeta Tranformations, Mag and Phase Margins, Lead and Lag Networks Design, P, PI, PD, PID Design and Tuning and much more...
datafit.zip5k03-10-19File is not ratedData Plotter and Curve Fitter
This program plots data points then gives you a choice of regression types to fit a curve to the data. This update changes the method of data input and improves the editing process. x,y coordinates of points may be entered one at a time or an existing 2 column matrix can be entered. Datafit() includes all regression types on the TI-89 as well as a polynomial regression program, Polyfitn(), which allows you to choose the degree of the polynomial. It's easy to try various regression types and see the results quickly. Even if you don't need to fit a curve to the data, it's a quick way to plot data.
datos_estadistica.zip87k06-03-18File is not rateddatos estadistica
For those who are familiarized or be seeing a course of descriptive statistic they interpreted the results obtained in the chart calculated with DATA STATISTIC #The columns indicate the class interval, class mark, absolute frequency, absolute frequency accumulated upward, descending accumulated absolute frequency, relative absolute frequency, absolute frequency accumulated upward relative, relative descending accumulated absolute frequency respectively #The program makes use of the approach of the standardized variable Z that indicates the presence of extreme data or atypical inside the entered values, calculated as Z = (media_aritmetica - I date) / (desviaciòn_estandar) if this result is bigger at 3 in absolute terms is considered extreme or atìpic, in consequence DATA STATISTIC omit this values in the calculations #the I number of data it should be bigger at 20 according to the theory
daylight.zip15k07-02-24File is not ratedDaylight
Daylight() is a program which calculates next data for any location on the Earth: Sunrise, sunset and daylight times (for selected day/week, for symetrical days and for two selected days - with time differences); Prolongation of the daylight from the shortest daylight to the selected day; The Sun's culmination (time, angle) and declination on the selected day; Number of days between two dates.
dbm.zip81k08-02-17File is not rateddBm Calculator
dBm Dezibel power calculator- dBm to gain factor and vice versa. Easy to install and use. You can stop the programm anytime using the escape key. Comes comlete with c source code, from J.Daldosch, its one of 2 useful progies, dBm and dB.
db.zip78k08-02-17File is not rateddB Calculator
dB Dezibel calculator- dB to gain factor and vice versa. Easy to install and use. You can stop the programm anytime using the escape key. Comes comlete with c source code, from J.Daldosch
dico.zip45k01-06-01File is not ratedDico v3.50 (french)
tout le programme des classes prepas (Maths Sup & Maths Spé) en Maths et Physique-Chimie
diffract.zip9k03-08-26File is not ratedPhysics Solver v1.2--Diffraction
A physics program which will allow you to solve for any variable from 5 different equations relating to diffraction and interferance of light.
dioptre.zip6k00-03-01File is not ratedDioptre Calc (French)
Optical tool
disemaqu.zip1226k07-03-22File is not ratedDisemaqu, Machine Design -Diseño de Máquinas-
[ENGLISH] This program facilitates the design of different machine elements and power transmission, as chains, straps, gears and the bearings. The programs were developed using catalogues and guides of manufacturers like Goodyear, Intermec Colombia, SKF and the academic book Design in Mechanical Engineering 6ª Edition, Joseph E. Shigley. The contents are: 1 Chains of Rollers, 2 Strap, 3 Gears, 4 SKF Bearings. [ESPAÑOL] Este programa le facilita el diseño de diferentes elementos de máquina y transmisión de potencia, tal como lo son las cadenas de rodillos, las correas, los engranajes y los rodamientos. Los programas fueron desarrollados usando catálogos y guías de fabricantes como Goodyear, Intermec Colombia, SKF y el libro académico Diseño en Ingeniería Mecánica 6ª Edición, Joseph E. Shigley. Los contenidos son: 1 Cadenas de Rodillos, 2 Correas, 3 Engranajes, 4 Rodamientos SKF.
diseo_de_ejes.zip97k08-02-28File is not ratedSHAFTS / EJES v2.0
ENGLISH: This program is a help for power transmission shafts design. You can design this machine element using the english or the international units system. TI-89, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200 and TI-89 Titanium compatible. ESPAÑOL: Este programa es una ayuda para el diseño de ejes de transmisión de potencia. Usted puede diseñar este elemento de máquina usando el sistema de unidades internacional o el inglés. Compatible con TI-89, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200 y TI-89 Titanium.
dragcoefficient89.zip59k06-10-27File is not ratedDrag Coefficient Calculator
This program calculates the hydraulic drag coefficient by Reynolds number and roughness coefficient choosing the correct range (sleek pipe, lumpy pipe or intermediate) and using the most well-known formulas
e01_2001.zip25k01-06-03File is not ratedEstructuras 2001
This an enginering program to calculate reactions, centriods, morh's circle and others stuff(Only in Spanish for now)
easter.zip1k04-04-11File is not ratedDate of Easter
Compute, for a given year, the date of Easter
econgthr.89p1k01-12-22File is not ratedEconomic Growth Rate
Figures economic growth rate. Must understand Macroeconomic basics to use.
economia.zip1888k08-03-25File is not ratedIngeniería Económica / Economical Engineering v1.2
ENGLISH: This program is a help in Economy for Engineers or Economical Engineering which speeds calculation process. Equations: Composed Interest, Valuations, Advanced vs. Due, Uniform Series, Arithmetic Gradient, Geometric Gradient, Echeloned Gradient and Combined Fluxes. TI-89, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200 and TI-89 Titanium compatible. ESPAÑOL: Este programa es una ayuda en Economía para Ingenieros o Ingeniería Económica el cual agiliza los procesos de cálculo. Ecuaciones: Interés Compuesto, Tasas, Anticipada vs. Vencida, Serie Uniforme, Gradiente Aritmético, Gradiente Geométrico, Gradiente Escalonado y Flujos Combinados. Compatible con TI-89, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200 y TI-89 Titanium.
ecuacion.zip786k07-03-23File rated 6.13Ecuacion, equations manager –Administrador de Ecuaciones-
[ENGLISH] ECUACION gathers an important data base of equations (almost 900 in total!) extracted from the Pensum of Mechatronics Engineering form the San Buenaventura University, as well as tools for engineers. Within these is a tool to solve and manage (save as many eqs as you want, organizing them in topics and sub-topics, you can edit, delete, export, import and back-up) equations, systems of equations and a program to solve differential equations of 1st and 2nd order. [ESPAÑOL] ECUACION reúne una importante base de datos de ecuaciones (casi 900 en total!) extraídas del Pensum de la carrera de Ingeniería Mecatrónica de la Universidad de San Buenaventura, así como herramientas generales para ingenieros. Dentro de estas se encuentra un sistema de evaluación, solución y despeje de ecuaciones, sistemas de ecuaciones y un programa para resolver ecuaciones diferenciales de 1er y 2do orden. Puede administrar por temas y grupos todas las ecuaciones que quiera, puede agregar, editar, borrar, exportar, importar y hacer back-up.
eltec.zip3k02-07-05File is not ratedElectroTecnics ver. 0.8
It give an hand in linear circuit analyses
emplpop.zip1k05-09-24File is not ratedEmployment population
This program figures the total percent of people employed in a country. Need basic understanding of macroeconomics to use.
eqso.zip2k03-03-10File is not ratedEquinoxex and Solstices
The program computes, for a given year, the istant of the equinoxes and solstices.
estructuras.zip20k01-12-22File is not ratedEstructuras 6.0
Este es un programa para el calculo de reacciones en vigas estaticamente determinadas como indeterminadas. Ademas tiene utilidades como lo son calculo de circulo de morh, centroides,calculo de Q en una seccion y muchas otras mas.
fams_error.zip5k07-10-11File is not ratedError Function / Función Error
ENGLISH: Gaussian error function, complementary gaussian error function and inverse gaussian error function; these are useful, for example, in heat transfer. TI-89, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200 and TI-89 Titanium compatible. ESPAÑOL: Función gaussiana de error, función gaussiana de error complementaria y función gaussiana de error inversa; éstas son útiles, por ejemplo, en transferencia de calor. Compatible con TI-89, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200 y TI-89 Titanium.
fams_resortes.zip951k07-02-17File is not ratedSPRINGS / RESORTES v1.0
ENGLISH: This program helps to design this machine element. Table of mechanical properties of wire for helicoid springs included in this file. TI-89, TI-92 Plus, Voyage™ 200 and TI-89 Titanium compatible. ESPAÑOL: Este programa ayuda a diseñar este elemento de máquina. La tabla de propiedades mecánicas de alambre para resortes helicoidales incluida en este archivo. Compatible con TI-89, TI-92 Plus, Voyage™ 200 y TI-89 Titanium.
finitewing.zip3k11-04-10File is not ratedFinite Wing
"Finite Wing" (wing.89p) uses Glauert's method (1926) to analyze finite wings with linear taper and linear washout. The solution references “Mechanics of Flight, 2nd ed.” (Warren F. Phillips, 2010). Inputs include: Number of Fourier coefficients, N; Span, b (units length); Taper ratio, R_t; Aspect ratio, R_a 3-D lift coefficient, Cl; Sectional zero-lift angle of attack, a_L0s (degrees); Maximum washout, O (degrees). Outputs include: Lift curve slope, Cl_a (per radian); Induced drag coefficient, Cd_i; Root angle of attack, root_a (degrees); Zero-lift angle of attack, a_L0 (degrees); Span efficiency factor, e_s; Kappa values (k_L, epsilon_Omega, k_D, k_DL, k_DO).
fizzix89.zip5k00-04-03File is not ratedFizzix89
This Program Is a compilation of almost every equation you will ever need for the AP Physics B Exam grouped by category and implemented by the toolbar and dropdown menus! This does not do the math for you - because you have to show your work anyhow! Thusly, this program inlcudes all equations learned up through April 1st 2000 and includes Units. By May 12th, a new edition should be released that has concepts and the final touches. So easy to use, no wonder its number 1! ;) Enjoy for now!!!
fizzix.zip3k01-01-29File is not ratedFizzix89 Final
This Program Is a compilation of almost every equation you will ever need for the AP Physics B Exam grouped by category and implemented by the toolbar and dropdown menus! This does not do the math for you - because you have to show your work anyhow! Thusly, this program inlcudes all equations learned up through April 1st 2000 and includes Units. Sorry for the delay, folks! Apparently - the revised edition was sitting on my old pc this entire time when I had thought I lost it to a calculator crash! Anyways, this new edition sports the long awaited concepts/final touches. So easy to use, no wonder its number 1! ;) Enjoy for now!!!
forms.zip3k01-04-04File is not ratedFormulaire Physique Chimie
Formulaire de physique chimie contenant toutes les formules de Term S, format TxtRider, compatible TI89 & TI92
fourcoef.zip8k99-05-21File is not ratedFourier Coeficients
Fourier Coeficients Program for 1, 2 or 3 intervals functions.
gauss.zip1k03-09-17File is not ratedGaussian Curve
It displays the standard deviation and the average from the data inputed, then it gives the graph.(u must be patient... it takes 2:15 min to finish the program)
gear.zip122k09-04-05File is not ratedGear
(Originally submitted 2005-07-24) Spur, Helical, and Bevel gearset design based on AGMA standards. Through hardened, Nitrided, and 2.5% Chrome Steel as well as Nitralloy St-HB utilized. Face width initial estimator capability. Internal surface geometry factor (I) calculation. Capable of solving both design problems through iteration, and analysis problems (like power rating) through symbolic solution.
gencode.zip12k06-01-07File is not ratedGenetic code table
GenCode() is a program which presents standard genetic code (RNA codon table). In addition to standard presentation is possible to change a sequence of four bases (U,C,A,G) and a sequence of three bases in the codons. In this way is possible to get 144 different views on this table. A reverse codon table is also included.
genie.zip4k99-12-08File is not ratedThe Genetics Genie v0.6 Beta
This is an indispensible tool for genetics problems. It includes a hybride crosser, dna converter, and a codon converter.
getjdif.zip1k04-11-11File is not ratedgetjdif
Programa para resolver ecuaciones diferenciales por metodos numéricos
gphysicsch2_1dmotion.zip2k01-12-22File is not ratedGeneral Physics: Chapter 2
Summarizes one dimensional motion, with equations and definitions.
gphysicsch3_2dmotion.zip3k01-12-22File is not ratedGeneral Physics: Chapter 3
Summarizes two dimensional motion, with equations and definitions.
grafcir.zip8k03-09-08File is not ratedcirgraf_89/92+/v200
*(english) lets you draw and define the ramp, impulse and step functions of a signal, using the program after creating them from inside the program or from the y= editor *(espanol) le permite definir y graficar las funciones rampa paso e impulso de una senal despues de haberlas creado desde el programa o desde el editor de y=
hidra.hidra.zip1k04-06-19File is not ratedHidraulica
Calculo de flujo gradualmente variado, alturas normales y criticas, momentas para las secciones rectangulares y trapeciales. (actualizacion)
hidra.zip1k03-07-17File is not ratedhidraulica
programa de hidraulica que calcula flujo variado por los metodos de j y f promedio y tambien por el metodo j promedio y variacion de energia, ademas calcula las alturas,energia y momenta normales y criticas para secciones trapeciales y rectangulares.
hidrologiabasica.zip287k09-06-07File is not ratedHidrologia Basica®
Gracias por descargar Hidrologia Basica® El programa comprende los siguientes topicos: Evapotranspiracion: Hargreaves, Thorntwaite, Garcia B. y Turc. Ecuacion de Curva de Descarga: tabla de conversion LOG, ecuacion y representacion grafica. Ecuacion de Curva de Intensidad: tabla de conversion LOG, ecuacion y representacion grafica. Thank you for download Basic Hydrology® program that comprises the following topics: Evapotranspiration: Hargreaves, Thorntwaite, Garcia B. And Turc. Discharge Curve Equation: it includes LOG conversion table, equation and his graph. Intensity Curve Equation: it includes LOG conversion table, equation and his graph.
his.zip19k02-03-16File is not ratedHIS: Syllabus for diverse subjects - in Norwegian
Including subjects "Kjemi og Miljølære", "Mattematiske metoder 1", "Fysikk"
hl_q_d.zip140k07-03-22File is not ratedLosses in Pipe Flows / Pérdidas en Flujos por Tubería
ENGLISH: This program calculates head loss (hL), flow reason (Q) and average pipe diameter (D) using Swamee and Jain formulas (1976). TI-89, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, Voyage™ 200 and TI-89 Titanium compatible. ESPAÑOL: Este programa calcula pérdida de carga (hL), razón de flujo (Q) y diámetro medio de la tubería usando las fórmulas de Swamee y Jain (1976). Compatible con TI-89, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, Voyage™ 200 y TI-89 Titanium.
hrdcross.zip46k04-07-24File is not ratedHrdCross
Programa para el análisis hidráulico de un sistema de agua potable de red cerrada. Utiliza el método de Darcy Weisbach y Hazen Williams por distribucián de caudales o hardy cross.
hwf.zip6k11-12-05File is not ratedHydrogen Wave Functions
Given three quantum numbers, this function will return the corresponding wave function for an electron in a hydrogen atom in spherical coordinates. Will not allow the user to input invalid quantum number combinations.
inac.zip108k14-01-30File is not ratedCelestial/Astronomical Navigation
Astnav89/INAC, Implementation of Navigational Algorithms in Computers. This is a celestial navigation program. Will take sextant readings and compute latitude and longitude. It also has a planetarium and great circle calculator, partial coastal navigation and more.
jmoons89.zip281k02-07-23File is not ratedJMoons
JMOONS is a TI-89 calculator activity which uses the calculus of parametric equations to model the moons of Jupiter as seen from earth, either through binoculars or an inverting telescope. After doing the math, students can use the TI-89 to identify moons during actual observations.
karnaugh.zip118k06-01-27File is not ratedLogical Suite v1.34
Do anything with Karnaugh table...interactive editing, simplifying, saving as function, reloading and circuit drawing!!! Supports '0', '1' and 'x' when doesn't matter (with 4 vars only) After editing it makes the synthesis of 4 bits synchronous counters with JK flip-flops and runs the counter to verify it is 'non-blocking'
kmat.zip95k99-12-25File is not ratedKMat - Package
Civil engineering: Generates Stiffness matrixes for bars in plain static systems with any inconsistencies.
legendrechi.zip1k06-09-26File is not ratedLegendre Chi Function
This computes Legendre Chi (v,z) where the v is sub of the Chi symbol. Accurate mainly between -1 and 1.
lens2.zip4k02-06-01File is not ratedThin Lenses
This program solves for image position and size for either a single thin lens or a combination of 2 thin lenses. It also draws ray diagrams to illustrate image position, size, and nature. The program can handle real and virtual images, real and virtual objects, and any lens spacing.
lens.zip8k01-03-14File is not ratedLens
Programme d'optique de spé physique résolvant les système à 1 ou 2 lentilles et qui trace le schéma
lexique.zip5k01-04-04File is not ratedLexique Physique Chimie
Lexique de Physique Chimie des termes de TermS
lfgauss.zip193k08-02-12File is not ratedLFGauss1.1
This name stands for “Load Flow using Gauss-Seidel Method”; it’s written in a TI-89 Titanium. The formulas used in it are based on this book: “Power System Analysis by Hadi Saadat”, The program is not written for just giving the final answer, it solves the problem step by step and is specially useful in tests because most of the time you are supposed to solve the problem only for a few steps and write down the procedure, however you can use it for reaching a final answer just by a few changes but when there are programs like POWERWORLD or DIgSILENT I think it won’t be needed. Only those who have solved load flow problem with at least 3 bus and 4 iterations will understand how much useful this program can be however it is still very helpful for smaller networks. There is also a subprogram which calculates the Ybus matrix. The Ybus calculated after running this program can be used in other programs that I have written like Lfnewton or Lffdcpld. By inversing this matrix you calculate Zbus which is helpful especially when you are going to solve a short circuit problem. Required slack bus power, transferred power between buses, power loss on lines, current flowing through the lines and some other parameters of system are calculated too.
lfnewton.zip194k08-02-12File is not ratedLFNewton1.0
“Load Flow using Newton Rophson Method” The program leads you to final answer step by step & everything is shown on the screen. (very useful in tests) Before anything I suggest you to study the LFGauss.pdf file which is included in LFGauss().zip package. By the way this package is completely independent. As we will see through an example, learning how the program works is pretty easy. The same as LFGausse the formulas used in it are based on “Power System Analysis by Hadi Saadat”
longlat.zip1k03-03-23File is not ratedLong-Lat
How far is it from Alaska to Florida? Use this program to find out. Enter, longitude and latitude coordinates of any two places on the globe and find the distance between them across the surface of the earth.
lorentzf.zip1k09-11-03File is not ratedLorentz Factor (Special Relativity Calculation)
enter the velocity as the only parameter, and find the Lorentz factor, which is useful in many special relativity calculations
loss_cf.zip67k06-12-30File is not ratedLoss of Pressure Coefficient v 1.01
Returns the concentrate loss of pressure coefficient for the most common elements of an hydraulic circuit: valves, elbows, T connections, section increase and reductions, tank input and output, 90° curves and so on.
lsa122ams208.zip45k03-05-20File is not ratedLSA 2000 version 1.2.2 for AMS 2.08 (or greater)
Laser Safety Advisor (LSA) 2000 performs a laser hazard analysis using methods that comply with ANSI Z136.1-2000. This program more closely reproduces the numeric results that would be generated by a manual laser hazard analysis, using exactly the methods that are specified in the ANSI standard. This updated version of the package contains improvements to the analytic engine. The program is now much faster than the original release, because the current version bypasses the .nSolve. function when it generates numeric solutions for implicit equations. This version is also better at screening out nonsensical input combinations.
machcalc.zip1k99-12-25File is not ratedMachinist Calculator v1.5
An update of v1.0, added bolt hole circles in this version.
machinist_chord_calc.zip3k03-03-10File is not ratedMachinist Chord Calculator
This program will take any two knowns and give out the arc length, segment height,chord length, and much more. A must for any Machinist and Math student.
machinistchordcalc.zip3k03-03-10File is not ratedChord
This Chord Calculator has just about everything you will ever need to know.
mag_f_t.zip104k07-12-06File is not ratedMagnetic Force and Torque
This program calculates forces and torques exerted by a uniform magnetic field. It finds the force exerted on either a moving charge or a current carrying conductor located in a magnetic field and the torque exerted on a current loop or a magnetic dipole by a magnetic field. It works for rectangular or circular loops in any orientation or for a loop of arbitrary shape lying in the x-y plane. Either numerical or symbolic solutions can be found. Several examples are included.
magnitude.zip10k02-02-19File is not ratedMagnitude
A BASIC program that converts between different stellar magnitudes for viewing stars from different points in space.
main.apbio.89p1k03-03-09File is not ratedHardy-Weinberg equation
This amazing program allows the user to begin from any variable while the calculator solves for all of the remaining variables including the equilbrium.
main.elec.zip1k12-07-09File is not ratedElectrophysics
Trivial electrophysics concepts, equations, and applications.
marco2d.zip13k03-05-18File is not ratedMarco2d v1.0
Programa de analisis estructural para resolver marcos. Calcula reacciones y desplazamientos nodales. Utiliza el metodo de rigideces.
match.zip1k04-09-06File is not ratedimpedance matching calculation
"lglied" was not enough, here is a program knowing all the standard matching stuff
mecanica.zip1k03-07-08File is not ratedsist. particulas
Sistema de particulas
megmod.zip1k04-09-06File is not ratedold filter calculation for short wave
I read an old book about short wave stuff. They used the ?1MHz model? for filters. Here it is!
mess.zip18k02-05-14File is not ratedMinimizE StateS 1.00
This program minimizes incompletely or completely specified finite state machines (FSM) with the algorithm of Paull and Unger.
mirrors.zip7k03-09-01File is not ratedPhysics Solver v1.2--Mirrors & Lenses
A physics program which will allow you to solve for any variable from 4 different equations relating to mirrors and lenses.
mohr_53.zip6k01-05-08File is not ratedMohr v1.00
MOHR est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92/Ti92Plus, écrit en Ti-Basic. Il permet de calculer les contraintes et de tracer le cercle de Mohr des contraintes mais aussi de calculer les déformations et de tracer le cercle de Mohr des déformations. Il sera utile à ceux qui étudient la mécanique et la résistance des matériaux entre autres.
mohrcirc89.zip51k04-04-01File is not ratedMohr
Allows an advanced analysis of plane tension states with drawings and numeric data. Little bug fixed.
mohr.zip5k03-06-18File is not ratedcirculo de mohr (mohr circle)
Este programa te facilita encontrar los esfuerzos maximos en un estado de esfuerzo de dos dimensiones. Este programa es util para carreras donde se vea algo de diseño mecanico ó en ing civil.
molmodel.zip11k01-02-22File is not ratedMolModel3D (graphs and objects)
Models all forms of 3D graphs and objects, from molecules to polar graphs, and from ball and stick to stereoscopic images. Eight different styles give you flexibility in viewing your data, and preferences keep settings handy. Included is a program that generates cartesian, polar, parametric curves, and parametric surface graphs in 3D.
moody.zip1k00-07-26File is not ratedMoody Diagram
Used in the Moody Diagram
moonecl.zip2k03-03-11File is not ratedLunar Eclipses
Compute, for any given year and month, the times of the possible lunar eclipse.
moonfrac.zip1k03-03-15File is not ratedIlluminated fraction of the Moon's disk
Compute, for a given instant, the illuminated fraction of the Moon's disk.
moonphas.zip2k03-03-10File is not ratedPhases of the Moon
The program computes, for a given year and month, the istant of a selected moon's phase.
moremohr.zip1k08-12-01File is not ratedMohr's Circle 89
This is arguably the best Mohr's Circle program for the TI89. It shows all work, calculates all stresses and angles, and even draws the circle for you! It helped me effortlessly ace my SoM quizzes and exam and I am sure you will find it just as helpful!
n_slits.zip1k02-07-15File is not ratedMultiple Slit Interference Patterns
This program graphs light intensity versus angular position in interference patterns from multiple slit arrangements. The patterns include both interference and diffraction effects. The number of slits, slit width, slit spacing, wavelength, and the number of interference orders displayed can all be varied.
ode_solver.zip1k02-09-27File is not ratedODE Solver
This program reconstructs the path of a particle using some initial data by numerically solving systems of second order ODEs
orbit.zip1k01-01-22File is not ratedOrbit Solver 89
A program that will calculat Period, Velocities, and Potential and Kinetic Energies of Circular and Eliptical orbits
param.zip1k04-09-06File is not ratedS-, Y-, Z-Parameter convertion
you?re sitting on a matrix of s-parameters and you cannot find the formulas to recalc the z-params? Here is one solution.
partrte.zip1k05-09-24File is not ratedPercent Labor Force
This program figures the percent of labor force participation. This is beta version.
petri89.zip43k00-05-12File is not ratedPetri89 v1.21
Tools for Petri net : Tinvariants, Pinvariants, Marking tree...
physanal.zip17k05-11-19File is not ratedPhysical analogies
Physanal() is a program which presents symbols, units and equations for 12 general quantities in different physical systems. From these presentations some general analogies between these systems and their quantities can be found. There are seven preselected systems: electric, magnetic, rotation, linear motion, surface motion, hydraulic/accoustic and thermal system. Different units for current and for potential can be entered and in this way other looks on these systems can be selected. A comprehensive table of physical symbols, quantities and units is included.
physics2electricityprogra.zip866k07-12-23File is not ratedPhysics 2 Electricity programs
Version 2.0 adds more features, wastes more memory on your calculator, adds no bug fixes as their was no bugs, and hopefully adds no new bugs. Four programs for solving similar, ridiculous, pointless, abusive, "filler material", "wastes of time", types of physics 2 problems dealing with point charges. eField() Calculates electric field (N/C)|(v/m) at some point. fField() Calculates force (newtons) at some point. vEpot() Calculates (Volts)electric potential at some point. jEpotEng() Calculates (Joules)Electric potential energy of a system.
physics89.zip3k02-04-12File is not ratedPhysics
This is a very usful group of programs. It was put together to help high school kids but it might even be helpful when your in collage
physicsch2_1dmotion.zip2k01-12-16File is not ratedChapter 2: 1 D Motion
Summarizes one dimensional motion, with equations and definitions..
planet89.zip7k00-03-29File is not ratedPlanet 89
Calculates positions of Sun, Moon and planets of our Solar system
probio89.zip6k03-03-10File is not ratedPROBIO 89
Probio 89 is a port of PROBIO, originally by Glen Lee (providence4ver@hotmail.com) and is intended as a reviewer. Jeremiah, Glen, or Prokul Interactive is not responsible for anything that Probio does to you. If it destroys your calc, ruins your life, makes you fail a test, or induces thoughts of suicide, you can in no way hold any of the afore mentioned people and/or organizations responsible. Of course, if you run into a problem, we will gladly help you in any way possible. (c) 2003 Prokul Interactive
progettoverniciti89.zip6k16-02-16File is not ratedVernici
il file contiene una serie di programmi molto utili per chi come me lavora nel campo delle vernici - aggiornato dopo aver trovato un errore nel calcolo del VOC dei prodotti vernicianti a base acqua
protect.zip1k02-10-27File is not ratedProtect
Finds almost anything about a projectile. Then, it can find where on a building it will hit. Displays a rough graph, too! Check out your graph mode to see the real graph.
psa.lfdcpld.zip1k09-01-09File is not ratedlfdcpld 1.0 beta
Decoupled load flow (Some of you reported that this program does not work correctly in special cases; so be careful when using it) Please report program errors to me, I'll need full information about the question to understand which part is wrong. (You can take a photo of question and send it to my email) Thanks in advance.
psa.lffdcpld.zip1k09-01-09File is not ratedlffdcpld 1.0
Fast Decoupled load flow lfdcpld is a load flow program using decoupled method. (Some of you reported that this program does not work correctly in special cases; so be careful when using it) Please report program errors to me, I'll need full information about the question to understand which part is wrong. (You can take a photo of question and send it to my email) Thanks in a advance.
psa.lfgssdl.zip1k09-01-09File is not ratedlfgssdl 2.0
Gauss-Seidel Load Flow. This is the latest version. I tested it over many situations and it worked fine. You'll need "ybusc" to run this program successfully. (Uploaded on ticalc.org)
psa.lfgs.zip1k09-01-09File is not ratedlfgs 2.0
Gauss Load Flow. Note that this method is different from Gauss-Seidel method. (The formula used to calculate voltage is different) I tested it over many situations and it worked fine. You'll need "ybusc" to run this program successfully. (Uploaded on ticalc.org)
psa.lfnr.zip2k09-01-09File is not ratedlfnr 2.0
Newton-Raphson load flow This is the latest version. The program needs "ybusc" in order to run successfully. (you can find it on ticalc.org) In the previous version some people reported wrong answers in special cases; I hope those problems are solved in this new version (I've changed the algorithm). However if you found any errors please email me.
psa.linegc.zip1k09-01-09File is not ratedlinegc 1.0 beta
You can calculate general coefficients of short or medium line using this program. (The program may need some improvements)
psa.llinegc.zip1k09-01-09File is not ratedllinegc 1.0 beta
You can calculate general coefficients of a long line using this program. (The program may need some improvements)
psa.ybusc.zip1k09-01-17File is not ratedybusc 2.3
Ybus creator Generates Ybus of a given network.
qnotab.zip1k01-06-12File is not ratedQuantum Number Table
table of quantum numbers used in determining electron configuration and such. A good question on tests.
range89.zip1k05-08-02File is not ratedRange Formula Solver
Solves the range formula for range, initial velocity, angle, or gravity.
referenc.zip740k07-03-22File is not ratedReferenc, Eng. References –Referencias de Ingeniería-
[ENGLISH] REFERENC gathers information about the International System Units, physical constants, a general unit’s converter and information of the codes of protection IP (International Protection) and IK. Finally, a series of programs for measures, including a calibrator and errors in measurement. [ESPAÑOL] REFERENC cuenta con información de unidades del Sistema Internacional (SI), constantes físicas fundamentales, un conversor general de unidades e información de los códigos de protección IP (International Protection) e IK. Por último, una serie de programas para medidas, como lo es una rutina educativa sobre el uso del calibrador Pie de Rey y ecuaciones de error en la medida.
reflecti.zip7k03-09-01File is not ratedPhysics Solver v1.2--Reflection & Refraction
A physics program which will allow you to solve for any variable from 4 different equations relating to reflection and refraction.
rlocdata.zip123k09-04-05File is not ratedRoot Locus Data
(Originally submitted 2005-10-14) Root Locus Data calculator. Calculates three most quintessential features pertaining to a root locus; namely its (1) Behavior at infinity, (2) Real-axis breakaway and break in points, and (3) Angles of arrival and departure. Any combination of positive/negative feedback and gain are supported. Handles non-minimum as well as minimum phase systems. Multiplicity of the zeros and poles are also taken care of in the program.
roboticsti89.zip2k06-06-01File is not ratedRobotics - Pose Matrices
Two programs, one for RPY angles, and one for ZYZ Euler angles. Enter alpha, beta, and gamma angles in degrees. Program will solve rotation matrix and display it. Then it will ask for xyz coordinates, and then ask you to choose a letter "A" through "F" to assign to the resulting pose matrix which will save you a lot of time and makes it easy to multiply the resulting matrices.
rocketrycalculator.zip1k07-12-06File is not ratedRocketry Calculator
"Rocketry" is a great "in the field" rocketry program, in BASIC, that runs calculations related to model rockets. Input the rocket's mass, the cross-sectional area, the coefficient of drag (usually .75), the impulse, and the burn time. It will then calculate your rocket's maximum velocity, maximum altitude, and optimum ejection-charge delay time. Just for fun, "Rocketry" maximizes the TI-89 Titanium's toolbar, text, and dialogue capabilities. The code has notes, by the way, to facilitate comprehension of the formulas.
rootlocus.zip1k99-11-06File is not ratedThe Root Locus Program
Root locus diagrams as seen on paper, useful for control systems analysis.
routh.zip73k09-04-05File rated 7.46Routh Hurwitz Stability Matrix
(Originally submitted 2005-10-14) Routh-Hurwitz stability matrix generator. Generates the Routh stability table for the given characteristic polynomial. Handles both basic and special cases, namely a table that has (*) a Zero only in the first column, surmounted by epsilon method, (**) an Entire row of zeros, surmounted by even polynomial detection. Symbolic capability: generates the table even in the case of a parametric polynomial.
rpyangle.zip1k06-06-15File is not ratedRPY Angle
RPYANGLE calculates and displays the two possible sets of alpha, beta, and gamma angles by prompting the user to enter a rotation matrix by columns.
s2s.zip4k99-08-22File is not ratedS2S Symbolic Two ports Solver v1.0 Beta
A plug in for SCS. It allows you to calculate z,y,h,g,a and b parameters of a two port network.
saxpc.zip840k03-05-12File rated 6.23BeamXP/FrameXP/TrussXP
SAxpC for TI89, TI92+ and VOYAGE200. This is an ultimate collection of all my structural programs to solve beams, frames(updated)(porticos) and trusses using the Stiffness Matrix Method or Displacements method, giving you the results step by step, drawing the beam, frame or truss, showing also an animation of the structure. All the programs give reactions on supports, displacements in nodes and internal forces in elements. Super coleccion de programas para resolver vigas, marcos y cerchas por el metodo de rigideces o desp´lazamientos dando graficas y resultados paso a paso.
scs-shell.zip9k00-03-31File is not ratedSCS-Shell v1.42
A shell for Roberto's Symbulator
sdig.zip1k98-10-06File is not ratedSignificant Digits v1.0
This program will calculate the number of significant digits in a number. Useful in science classes like chemistry and physics.
setcust2.zip1k05-10-21File is not ratedCustom Units
Here is a program I made when those units not in the built-in Units programs were missing. For example, in the Acceleration category, they didn't add units like (_m/(_s²)) or a Pressure unit named kilopascal (_kPa). Feel free to modify the program in any way you like. If you have problems, comments, or bugs, e-mail me. Enjoy P.S. I don't know how to change the picture file from BMP format to GIF format, so I apologize for that! By the way, I deleted the "L.A." part because that's part of a class I'm taking throughout the semester, but if you want it, e-mail me for those of you taking Linear Algebra class; however you don't need it if you're not taking the class.
shellq.zip9k01-06-01File is not ratedSCS-Shell v1.5 for "Symbulator Q"
This is a shell for Robertos latest stroke of genius, the "Symbulator Q". It is NOT a standalone program; Symbulator and DiffEq have to be on your calc. This shell allows you to edit the circuit matrix which is necessary to perform analysis with the "Symbulator Q".
sidrealclock.zip20k07-04-26File is not rated2007 Sidreal Colck
This is the Upgrade to 2007 for the sidereal program. This hand program will calculate GST as well as LST for any observer for 2007. This has accuracy of about 1/50 an arcsecond and perfect accuracy on the middle day of the year (compared with USNO publications). So, enjoy... I promise 2008 will be out in a more timely fashion.
simplex2.zip10k00-07-02File is not ratedSimplex (Portugues/English)
Step by Step method simplex. Método Passo a passo com matriz.
struceng.zip3k99-12-26File is not ratedStructural Engineering Progs
Here are some programs that I wrote for structural engineering. I hope they help others as much as they have helped me.
suntheta89t.zip2k12-10-13File is not ratedSunθ89T v2.5
This program calculates solar position given UTC time and location. See the README for full information. This program requires a HW2 TI-89 or a TI-89 Titanium.
surveying.zip2k00-05-29File is not ratedSurveying Tools
A preliminary version of outdoor surveying tools. This version features only basic transit surveys for elevation and distance measurements. Future versions might include more advanced tools.
t89.zip1k04-09-27File is not ratedT89 MULTICONVERTER
Do you want to know what it does??? IT CONVERTS PRESSURE AND TEMPERATURE IN MULTI UNITS, for a bigger reference, download it and use it.
tamizado.zip102k11-07-18File is not ratedAnalisis Granulometrico
Este es un programa que realiza un analisis granulometrico, basado en la norma ASTM C 136. Este programa realiza el analisis basado en el diametro de cada malla en un juego de mallas y el peso de material granular retenido en cada malla. Luego, clasifica el material en gravas, arenas y finos de acuerdo a la misma norma. Despues, hace un analisis basados en los parametros de coeficiente de curvatura y de concavidad, y traza la curva granulometrica.
tempconv2.zip12k02-06-19File is not ratedTempconv
-v.1- Tempconv is an easy to use temperature conversion program that can be used anywhere a temperature conversion is needed. Internally, the program fully uses the tmpCnv() function that is built in to the TI-89. Therefore Tempconv can save lots of space without loosing the ability to give an accurate conversion.
tempconv.zip1k02-04-15File is not ratedTemperature Conversion
Two functions which convert between Celsius and Fahrenheit. f2c(x) returns the Celsius value of a Fahrenheit temperature. c2f(x) returns the Fahrenheit value of a Celsius temperature. Example: f2c(32) returns 0, and c2f(100) returns 212 (freezing & boiling points of water, respectively).
throughput.zip10k03-07-09File is not ratedTHROUGHPUT
This program creates the very long (to do) table called THROUGHPUT, wich calculate the mean number of pieces in a system.
ti89nist.zip9k04-01-02File is not ratedTI89 NIST Physical Constants v1.0
TI89NIST installs over 70 of the NIST physical constants on your TI-89, all with std. and rel. std. uncertainties, and appropriate units (over 200 variables in all). It includes universal, E-M, atomic, particle, physico-chemical and adopted values. 'viewcons' is a nifty, optional, menu-driven application which allows the user to find the variable name for a constant, given its description or standard symbol.
tipsychrocalc.zip10k07-07-10File is not ratedTI PsycroCalc
This program is a humid air property calculator. It's like using a psychrometric chart, it calculates humidity, enthalpy, dew point temperature, etc.
tlines.zip5k02-03-04File is not ratedtlines89 v1.1
Transmission lines analysis program and smith chart plotter. Now with stub design functions!.
topo2004.zip18k04-12-07File is not ratedTopo 2004
calculate of polygonal closed and opened. by acimut and internal angles. calculate of Radiations. Trigonometrical leveling. Horizontal Distances. Interpolation of levels curves. Calculo de poligonales cerradas y abiertas. Por acimut y ángulos internos. Calculo de Radiaciones. Nivelacion Trigonométrica. Correccion de Distancias Horizontales. Interpolacion de curvas de nivel.
topof89v0.1a.zip33k03-03-05File is not ratedTOPOF89 V0.1A
tpde1.00.zip109k03-11-03File is not ratedTPDE 1.00
Et voici une classification périodique de plus... En fait, c'est l'un de mes premiers programmes en BASIC qui date d'il y a un petit bout de temps déjà, mais vu que certaines personnes veulent l'avoir car il faut avouer qu'il n'est pas si mal que ça pour un programme en TI-BASIC et bien le voilà. Il utilise la librairie FLIB de François Leiber qui est fournie avec.
tracker.zip97k00-09-05File is not ratedHurricane Tracker v4.0
The most advanced hurricane tracker ever written for a calculator! Includes 5 amazing zoomable and highly detailed maps, forecasting, and tons of other features!
triples.zip1k02-09-27File is not ratedPythagorean Triples
This program lists all pythagorean triples
truepos.zip51k02-11-08File is not ratedTrue Position Calculator
This program returns the true position of a feature relative to its nominal location. GD&T data is returned as well as a sketch of the deviation. Useful to people who deal with manufactured parts.
truss.zip454k02-04-06File is not ratedTruss v0.05 beta
Uses matrix methods to solve reactions, displacements, member forces for 2-D trusses. Version 0.05 beta.
turbomaq.zip90k07-06-25File is not ratedTurbomaq
ENGLISH: This program calculates head loss (PÉRDIDAS), flow reason (CAUDAL) and average pipe diameter (DIÁMETRO). I used it in my class of Hydraulic Turbo - machines. TI-89, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200 and TI-89 Titanium compatible. ESPAÑOL: Este programa calcula pérdida de carga (PÉRDIDAS), razón de flujo (CAUDAL) y diámetro medio de la tubería (DIÁMETRO). Lo utilicé en mi clase de Turbo - máquinas Hidráulicas. Compatible con TI-89, TI-92, TI-92 Plus, Voyage 200 y TI-89 Titanium.
turing.zip2k00-09-26File is not ratedVirtual Turing Machine
This program simulates a 5-tuple turing machine. Operation is simple and there are no bugs, as long as you do not go beyond the tape.
unifac.zip47k06-03-11File is not ratedUnifac Method
This program calculate the activity coeficients for a mixture of "n" components
vector.zip1k98-10-03File is not ratedVector Addition
Adds vectors and displays them graphically.
vigas_58.zip17k02-02-16File rated 7.46Vigas (Beam Solver)
Obtiene las fuerzas resultantes en los apoyos de una viga, crea la gráfica de Cortantes y la de Momento Flexionante, con una interfaz gráfica muy fácil de usar.
vigas.zip443k03-04-26File is not ratedVigas v1.2
Programa de analisis estructural por el metodo de rigideces. Calcula reacciones, desplazamientos nodales y fuerzas internas. Grafica Cortantes.
weight.zip1k01-06-01File is not ratedSolar Weight Calculator
This programs takes an input in Earth Pounds and converts it so you can see what something of that weight would weight on other planets and the moon.
wiot.zip1k04-04-21File is not ratedWIOT 1.0 (Wind Influence On Temperature)
A program that will calculate the wind influence on temperature.
wolfram.zip3k02-06-04File is not ratedWolfram's Rule #30
For a REALLY good explanation, look at http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/10.06/wolfram.html . Otherwise, read the readme.
xs.zip48k01-12-22File is not ratedxs
Section Properties Program - calculates A, I, r, etc. for single or composite sections of multiple materials
zyzangle.zip1k06-06-15File is not ratedZYZ Angle
ZYZANGLE calculates and displays the two possible sets of alpha, beta, and gamma angles by prompting the user to enter a rotation matrix by columns.

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