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Last updated Tuesday, 4 May 2004
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artifice.zip43k04-05-04Artifice 0.71 GPL
Fireworks demo, done for the programming contest on TI-FR in may 2000.
dietsche_matrix.zip299k03-05-22The Matrix Screen Saver
This is a TSR Event Hook. It is meant as a follow up to my Sample TSR Event Hook. This demonstrates some slightly more advanced methods... It is a real screen saver with a delay, password, gray scale graphics and more. Once installed, the screen saver will activate after your calculator has been idle for the amount of time you specify.
A little movie of the macgyver serie.
matrixreloaded.zip5k03-05-26Matrix Reloaded Screensaver
The Matrix Reloaded Screensaver provides a very realistic emulation of the matrix code seen in the movies. It features its own character set, grayscale graphics, multiple layers, and fast scrolling.

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