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Last updated Wednesday, 22 February 2012
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healthbar.zip7k12-02-22File is not ratedJason's Health Bar v1.0
This program demonstrates the TI-nspire's graphing capabilities using health bars that can be configured by the user. This is the final version, with almost instant health bars. This is useful in RPGs, where a few variables can change the health bar immediately.
circlesegmentandbubbleani.zip71k10-04-21File is not ratedAmazing Circle/segment/ bubbles animation
This file contains 15 initial "temp-lets" that use the animation function (already set) in order to make amazing images. This file also uses the geometry trace tool to make this possible. Read the readme for more info.
polyhedra_en.zip84k09-03-31File is not ratedPolyhedra 3D
3D viewer of polyhedra. Includes all platonic solids, prisms, pyramids and the truncated icosahedron (football). All solids can be freely rotated or animated. More info in www.nelsonsousa.pt

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