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Last updated Wednesday, 15 June 2011
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beatlespics.zip4k06-04-22Beatles Pictures
This contains pictures for the calculator, ofBbeatles paraphenalia. These work for the Voyage 200, all 92s and all 89s. More info in the readme. Hope you enjoy!
cevathrm.zip1k11-05-30Ceva's Theorem
A picture of Ceva's Theorem.
dragnpic.zip21k05-07-05Dragon Pictures
This is a group of 17 Monochrome Dragon Pictures. It should work with any 68K calculator. Made with Image Studio 2. Enjoy! :)
gummacir.zip1k11-06-04Tangent Circles
A picture of three tangent circles and the relations of their coordinates on the Cartesian plane.
logo.zip1k06-09-08Chicago Logo
This is an authentic logo of the band Chicago, one of the longest lasting bands.
matlogo.zip1k04-04-09The Matrix logo
Title is self explanitory.
Image of a pentagon illustrating some important characteristics.
rocket.zip1k05-04-25A Rocket
This is a picture of a rocket flying horizontally with a flaming tail.....maybe useful as a sprite or something?
rtioarea.zip1k11-06-15Quadrilateral Within Another Quadrilateral
A picture that displays a quadrilateral "inscribed" with another one. Can be used to specify the effects of at least two well-known and useful geometric formulas.
squ_squa.zip1k11-06-15Square Within Square
This program declares various lengths on a square when another square is "inscribed" within it. This yields itself to the application of at least one well-known, useful formula.
stewarts.zip1k11-06-15Stewart's Theorem
A pictorial representation of Stewart's Theorem. This can easily be used in another program that requires specific user input for certain lengths in the Stewart-style triangle.
trapezod.zip1k11-06-15Trapezoid I
A picture of a trapezoid that sets itself up for use in programs that require specific inputs for specific sides. Also yields the possibility of solving for the area of one of the four triangles made by drawing the diagonals of the triangle.
trapzoidpic.zip1k11-06-15Trapezoid II
A picture that has the diagonals and the median of a trapezoid drawn in, with its points accurately labeled. This picture sets itself up to yield at least four important and useful formulas concerning trapezoids.

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