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Last updated Tuesday, 26 December 2017
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Most popular file  PedroM 0.83 (GNU GPL) with 48,155 downloads.

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pedrom.zip5470k17-12-26File rated 8.03PedroM 0.83 (GNU GPL)
PedroM is a complete new Operating System (OS) for Ti-68k calculators. It does not use any code from Texas Instruments OS nor Advanced Math Software (AMS). There is plenty of RAM/Flash memory available. PedroM has a modified version of the PreOS core as built-in. It uses the latest version of PreOS. So you can natively run nostub programs, kernel programs (version 2, 3, 4 & 5), PPG and pack archives. By the way, it works on 92+/89 Hw1/2 and V200/89 Titanium (without usb support). It should be very stable, but you should test it on an emulator before replacing original TI OS to avoid misunderstanding of what PedroM does. It can be built with a CAS engine (command zs) which provides advanced (but incomplete) CAS capabilities (which can be better than AMS CAS in some aspects).

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